Why You Should Study Abroad

Why You Should Study Abroad

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When bright students look around India for a place to study for an advanced degree, they find few   top-quality programmes. In the social sciences and humanities, there are a small number of respectable departments, but absolutely none that are considered ‘the top class   academic programmes’ by international experts. In the hard sciences, biotechnology, and related fields, the situation is more favourable with a few institutions such as the Indian Institute of Technology, the  All-India Institute of Medical Sciences, the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research and some others, despite limited acknowledgement from abroad, being internationally competitive by most measures. But the number of students who can be served by these schools is quite limited. That is where the thought of studying abroad comes into our mind.

Studying abroad helps you in gaining a different perspective of seeing things around you. Living in a totally new country all alone makes you independent, living in a multicultural environment and learning about different cultures improves your overall personality and obviously you gain education and degree which is respected and accepted all over the world. But most importantly you make friends from all over the world, which helps you in building a strong network.

Most Universities offer study options that are research informed and highly relevant to current industry expectations and standards. Many of them also run career support services for students during their study and even for their alumni. You will be offered assistance on various aspects such as resume writing, interviewing skills and job-searching through career fairs. You will emerge employment ready on graduation. Many Universities have connections within the industry and can help you find employment at the right time and even help you intern during your studies, for added experience as well.

You are more marketable to potential employers after your study abroad experience. Your student experience will be valued as much as your academic grades and your qualification. If you sell yourself right, you can make the employer see that the skills and knowledge you acquired while studying abroad are transferable into the working world. Studying abroad can work wonders to your resume once you put your experience to paper!

In a nutshell, investing in a qualification that is recognised globally, international networking, learning foreign languages and culture, and appealing career options on graduation — these are just a few of many reasons why you should study abroad and the list could go on and on!

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