Book Review : ENVY By Sandra Brown

Book Review : ENVY By Sandra Brown



“Once a relationship has been built on a particular foundation, it’s extremely difficult to destroy that foundation and reconstruct it with different specifications, without also destroying the original relationship.”

When you take a book, you flip the pages and smell the yellow pages. You read the prologue to get a naive idea about what the story is about. Well, in my case my friend recommended me the book and the spark in her eyes while handling me the book inspired me to go through it. She said, “you’ll love it.” I said, “let’s see.”
The book is a store for suspense. The prologue itself creates curiosity into your mind. The pages unfold a beautiful mystery of two people who lost their friendship due to ENVY. Two guys, same college, same field; writing. Both worked hard to impress their professor but ultimately, one was better than the other in the eyes of the professor and from that point, the green air surrounded in between them due to which one stomps another’s success by leaving him almost dead to lead a successful life and he did. Fourteen years of trauma and the guy returned back with a feeling of revenge and a well planned plot.
Meanwhile, he fall in love. Guess who the woman was? The wife of the man who betrayed him fourteen years back. The wife of the man who tossed him into the water to die and never returned. The wife of the man he wanted to take revenge with; Maris. She eventually gets betrayed a number of times but she inspires me with her bold and classy actions to handle the betrayals gracefully. She handles her father’s death, his husband who was involved in cheating her by all means and the mystery behind the scenes and yet she was called to be the most powerful owner of a leading publishing house in New York. The suspense forced me to read the book till my eyes hurt but I assure you that it was all worth it.

Sometimes it takes a small act to build a bridge or destroy it completely. The worst emotion you radiate is the feeling of jealousy. Jealousy can never take you higher. It always knocks you down. If you see your friend doing better than you, appreciate it. Nobody is born talented. It is the hard work which pays off a successive life. Every one has its own pace to grow and develop. You might be slow but always remember that you’re working as well. If you work consistently, then you’re equal to your friend or maybe ahead. Eventually everyone leads a better life; Some reach early, some reach late.

The lesson learned is not to be the envious friend for I shall never be able to attain peace. If I want to seek peace, I must take my peers along.