Reliance Jio : A Potential Game Changer

Reliance Jio : A Potential Game Changer


Reliance Industries launched its new 4G telecom network on Thursday,offering free voice calls and rock-bottom data prices

Reliance Industries Limited chairman Mukesh Ambani,India’s richest man vowed to “take our nation from data shortage to data abundance and to enable a digital life for digital India”.

“The world’s demand for digital oxygen,that is data,is growing explosively. Jio’s mission is to meet this exploding need for India” Ambani added.

The aggressive pricing sent shares of established telecom players into a nosedive and brought back memories of a similar scheme in 2003 when Reliance launched ‘Monsoon Hungama’ that offered services bundled with handsets at Rs 501.

People can sign-up with Jio digitally using an Aadhar-based online KYC process which will be rolled out in Mumbai and Delhi and then in eight other cities.

Reliance has already spent over Rs 1.50 lakh crore till now to set up what will be the world’s largest 4G network. It already connects 200,000 villages and 18,000 towns.

The key takeaway’s from the launch were-

  • All voice calls to be free;no Jio customer will have to pay for any voice call between September 5 and December 31.This     follows the principle that the customer pays for only one         service, either voice or data,not both..
  • Roaming charges for Jio customers will be ‘zero’ within India
  • Special for students: Anyone with a valid student ID card will get 25 per cent more data on Jio.
  • The base 4G LTE data rate on Jio will be one-tenth of other players – at Rs 50 per GB
  • A peak download speed of upto 135 MBPS on the Jio network
  • The company also announced “super-affordable” handsets     under the LYF brand starting Rs 2999.
  • With Jio TV, any time is prime time. It will have more than 300 live channels with access to any programme aired the     previous week
  • Jio’s app booking, worth Rs 15,000 for an annual               subscription, will be available free for all active Jio customers till December 31, 2017
  • Jio network not only supports 4G but is 5G and 6G ready too.
  • Jio will not follow the industry practice of blackout days. On   Diwali or New Year, operators charge double rate to message; that won’t happen on Jio.
  • Jio SIM cards to be issued on Aadhar-based eKYC or           paperless CAF as well

Anticipating Jio’s launch,market leader Airtel recently reduced its data charges by as much as 80%.Is Reliance Jio really the game changer in the telecom segment? Well,only time can tell us that but things at the moment aren’t looking so good for competitors of Jio.