The Social Show By Enactus Ramjas

The Social Show By Enactus Ramjas


Enactus Ramjas recently undertook two unique steps to pursue the motive of inclusion, To promote transgender rights amongst the youth of the country and to create awareness. 

Ramjas College recently witnessed a grand carnival on occasion of completion of 100 years of college. It saw participation from thousands of college students and some eminent personalities. During the fair Enactus Ramjas organised a ‘March for Equality’ and ‘The Trans Show’.

March For Equality
This unique parade was organised on the first day of the fest wherein all the transgenders, members of Enactus Ramjas and the Delhi University students marched in the streets of north campus with posters, banners and flags demanding recognition and equality of the transgenders in India. The location was apt as the target audience for sensitisation were the future leaders or the citizens of India i.e. the college students. The march saw widespread participation from students of different colleges and was appreciated by the masses.

The Trans Show
The society has been sceptical about the way of living of transgenders and have not been very accepting of their lifestyle. This is the main point which prevents them from taking a considerable position in the society. In order to change this current situation and to empower them, Enactus Ramjas organised the ‘Trans show’. The transgender community was allowed to dress in the way they wished to, apply any makeup they liked and walk in the manner they wanted to. By doing this activity and showing it to the world, they tried to send a message that each individual should be given the right to be oneself. The students and the faculty members understood this strong message as it was presented in a very light hearted manner, coupled with some Bollywood music and some amazing ramp walks by the transgender community.

These social programs were baby steps which hopefully shall bring the society a bit closer.

Visit the following link to have a glance at this initiative by Enactus Ramjas.