Study Tips for Semester Exams

Study Tips for Semester Exams


August, September, October, where did these 3 months pass away? Probably while partying, doing society work or just sleeping all day because we haven’t even started  the ‘S’ of studies.  And coming to think of it, half of No-No -November is gone. With exactly 10 days to go for the mid term exams, this post might come to your rescue.

DU exams are partly luck, partly effort like CBSE exams. Acing DU exams is easy if one knows the trick. Here are a few study tips :

     Accounting/Tax Subjects

  • Format is very important. If you follow it, it has no extra marks. But if you don’t follow it, marks will be deducted.
  • Writing notes is very important. Note making justifies your answer.
  • Buy the ten years to observe the question patterns.
  • If you are short of time, do not study for all chapters which come as a choice. Instead study for one out of the two.
  • Leave theoretical chapters for the end.
  • DO NOT leave any question unattempted you might score 1 or 2 marks while leaving it will fetch you nothing.
  • While using calculator, don’t be in a hurry. You’ll end up making an error.

    Theoretical Subjects

  • For Laws, do learn up the sections and only study for important questions.
  • For Management subjects, learn only the headings and keywords.
  • Highlight/underline the keywords in your answer.
  • Make diagrams wherever required, specially in management.
  • Observe the pattern of important questions and make sure you do not leave them.
  • Use a highlighter while studying to improve photographic memory.
  • For a 5 mark question, write 1 page answer. For 10 marks, 2 to 3 pages.
  • Presentation is very important! Write a neat paper.
  • DO NOT leave any question unattempted.



  1. Take a break after 35 minutes of studying.
  2. Group studies work if each one is focused. If you teach your friends, you will strengthen your own concept.
  3. All nighter sounds cool but is a bad idea. Do not stay awake beyond 2:30 am. Sleep is important for your brain to process all the information you gathered after studying.
  4. Eat light. Heavy foods make you lazy and sleepy.
  5. Exercise to release endorphin. It is a great stress buster.
  6. Study in proper lighting
  7. Don’t be selfish. Seek help and also give help in return.

          Hope these study tips were helpful ! All the best for your exams!