Enactus Hindu College Launches ‘Warmth For Paws’

Enactus Hindu College Launches ‘Warmth For Paws’


Enactus Hindu has initiated a campaign called ‘Warmth for Paws’ to protect stray dogs from the biting cold weather by clothing them with sweaters made from old woollens.

Winters in Delhi, this year, have been predicted to be colder and longer than before, and are expected to stretch till the end of February or the beginning of March. The streets of Delhi are inhabited by 400,000 stray dogs who are the silent sufferers of these adverse climatic conditions. Recognizing their plight, the members of Enactus Hindu College, have launched a campaign, ‘Warmth for Paws’ to help their canine friends brave the  harsh Delhi winters by collecting old woollens and making dog sweaters out of them.

They have released a video (http://youtu.be/cUoh7kQIRQs) to sensitise people about the issue and reach out to a wider audience, urging them to contribute towards the cause and make a difference in the lives of maximum number of dogs. Individuals and organisations are welcome to be a part of this campaign at all stages, be it collection of old clothes, converting them into sweaters or distributing them to dogs in need.

To volunteer or contribute, write to their team at enactushinducollege@gmail.com

Or give them a call:

Paridhi Kapil  +91 9711145015

Shivam Amla  +91 9711210810

DU Express supports Enactus Hindu is this endeavour of theirs and wishes them good luck.