Phillauri – A Union Of Two Eras

Phillauri – A Union Of Two Eras


Seems like Anushka Sharma has some talents which have still not been showcased. As we all know, being an eminent actress, she also debuted as a producer in NH 10 which was quite noteworthy. And moving on the same path paved by her earlier ventures, she is on the floor with her second film as a producer, Phillauri. But this time she has astounded everyone by her Rap in one of its songs, Naughty billo.


Phillauri Cast:-
Anushka Sharma as Shashi
Diljeet Dosanjh as Roop Lal Phillauri
Suraj Sharma as Kanan
Mehreen Pirzada as Anu

The story starts begins with the pre-wedding functions, which is indeed a good start. And the moment Kanan’s role begins, his facial expressions are explicable enough to know that he is not ready to marry, even though he loves Anu (they both spent their childhood with each other). The twist starts when a solemn spirit gets trailed along him, as a result of persuasion by his orthodox laws to get married to a tree first so as to get rid of all the forthcoming influences of being a ‘Manglik’. After all things run helter skelter, the love story of Roop Lal Phillauri and Shashi begins in the film. Initially, Shashi acts as a guide for Kanan to help him sort out his issues regarding marriage and eventually, Kanan and Anu heal Shashi and Phillauri’s incomplete love story.

This film has a collaboration of different characters who reciprocated each others role with a power-packed assertiveness. The screenplay of the movie oscillates between past and present’s plights. Execution is good. The timing of each instance has been planned very crisply. Phillauri’s role of a Casanova is well-played and Shashi’s innocence is amazingly seductive. The two supporting actors refurbished their role with remarkable skills.

Sahiba is one of the most soulful songs of this movie with very tempting lyrics. Dum Dum, creates an atmosphere of serenity all around. Naughty Billo, sticks around long after the movie ends because of its peppy tunes. Din Shagna da is amazingly revamped.

According to many critics, the film lacks in humour. After the first glimpse into the movie, expectations soared so high that it was believed, perhaps, that it will sway us like a tornado and would get a standing ovation, with Anushka Sharma playing the role of a spirit for the first time. And the trailer had many comedy sequences, but in a movie of around two hours, it should have had at least a few comic scenes outside of what was portrayed n the trailer. Perhaps, this could be the reason behind Phillauri’s not-so-good collection in the opening weekend.

Overall, its a movie for those who are not so fond of comedy and look into the depths of the film. Action lovers would roll their eyes in this contextual yet delightful romantic drama.
The movie wouldn’t be a strain on your pocket. It, definitely is worth your time and money!


Acting – 4.5/5
Direction – 3.5/5
Story – 3/5
Music – 4/5