Its Time To Rekindle Your Trust

Its Time To Rekindle Your Trust

Its Time To Rekindle Your Trust
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Trust is a vulnerable entity. You possess it, but not for long. But if you are like the luckiest person on earth then you shall get the brilliant opportunity to nurture it and grow within its nutshell.

Trust has its own dynamics. It changes from person to person, from region to region and from time to time or even among all of these.

Trust is a complex emotion, rather the most variable human characteristic ever discovered. For once it lifts up your spirits unlike anything else and the very next moment it drops you on the ground with the hardest thud.

To a generation whose needs are catered by the acceptance and dis-acceptance  of the society and emotions weighed under the shaky roofs of stories of courage and heartbreaks together, its more than normal to have questions pointed towards the true meaning of trust.

Being true in its all forms that trust does not come handy and even after having a long gestation period it does not necessarily have a long life. But does that hold true for all cases? Why is that we fear more than we love?And let alone love, why do we doubt first and decide later?

Is it because we are surrounded by broken hearts, or because we mismanage our own emotions or maybe because we allow our hidden insecurities to surface up when they should never exist in reality.

Trust dwells and propagates in two bodies, but its real essence lies in our own soul. All we need is the courage to keep that alive within us. That courage that comes from the faith we all hold on ourselves, the trust that we are all born with on ourselves. No amount of heartbreaks, no futile relations, no ditchy friends and no ignorant people can take that away from us.

Trust is definitely fragile, but what makes it the strongest emotion is the trust on trust itself.