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How to enhance your GK in fun ways!

  Do you consider yourself one of those students who have the least idea about the goings-on in the world? Do you often find yourself silent and unconfident when the people you‚Äôre standing...

Ways that Delhiites choose to ignore in the metro.

Picture this. You enter a metro and manage to get a seat after a long tiring day. Just a few seconds later you find a woman boards the metro and has a...

How Important Is Keeping Your Cool?

It's calm under the waves in the blue of my oblivion.   - Fiona Apple  Almost all our lives, we sit back and bottle up our emotions in the fear of being judged. Calmness...

Beauty Pageants : a NO-NO!

Rightly said, beauty pageants have allowed a young girl to think that they have to be beautiful. How can the worth of an individual solely depend upon appearance? It is a direct...

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