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Welcome To 08:30 Ka Lecture In Offline Mode!

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Remember the days when after binge-watching SE05 of Money Heist for the entire night, you finally used to sleep sound during the 08:30 AM’s lecture? Remember how the lecture at 1 PM was never meant for lunch but was all about munching Cornitos or shouting at your sibling? Well, all you can do now is reminisce over those days. Welcome To 08:30 Ka Lecture In Offline Mode!

With the reopening of the University of Delhi, students have been dragged out of their cozy blankets and have been served in a tired state on the classroom benches. While most of us are still digesting this mid-semester opening blow, outstation students are scampering from PGs to PGs dodging mind-boggling rents. Re-opening has received a mixed reaction from the student community of DU.

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Freshers and second-years are here to stay for long but final-year students, naah! Well, this time constraint has made PG hunting more difficult than ever.

Jayati Behere, a final year Economics Hons. student from Shyama Prasad Mukherji College for Women expresses how reopening mid-semester is unfair to the outstation students especially the final year ones. “Renting a space for two months since I am a final year student has been more difficult than it appears”, says Behere who hails from Indore, Madhya Pradesh.

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“It would have been better if they would have reopened the University before the commencement of the semester”, says Kanishka Verma, a History and Political Science student at Dr. Bhim Rao Ambedkar College. “PG hopping has been a roller-coaster ride since post-lockdown, rents have been sky-rocketed. PG owners are preferring first and second year students over us”, says Verma who is a resident of Meerut.

“With entrances round the corner, finding a compatible roommate with whom you can adjust for the next 2-3 months is a tough task. Most of us will be reaching by early-March, so things are becoming more rugged”, says Prahlad, an Economics Hons. student at Moti Lal Nehru College who hails from Assam.

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Everything turned up roses for DU freshers because of the reopening of colleges. With attending classes in the lap of classrooms and a lot of places to visit, freshers are super-elated with this move.

Earlier, college had become a thesaurus for monotony. With freshers checking their mics and entering online classes like ghosts, college life had become more or less jaded. With visits to popular hotspots of the campus, vibrancy has kicked in.


Well, it isn’t just the outstation students who are having a bad time, reopening has been a cause of ordeal for the localities. Switching to offline mode in an abrupt manner has been a mental trauma for many at DU.

“No doubt, reopening was necessary. But with reopening comes commuting to college on a daily basis that turns out to be more exerting after a 2 year-gap. Transitioning from online mode to offline mode all of a sudden is very”, says Poornima Karhana, a Political Science student at Shyama Prasad Mukherji College for Women.

Muskaan Kumari who is pursuing Business Economics reveals how much of an effort it is to absorb offline classes since we were having online classes for about two years now. “It would have been better if they would have reopened from the first day of the semester”, says Muskaan who is a final-year student at Gargi College.

Apart from all this, some of us had a different sort of troubled waters to swim through. Many of us did take up paid internships presuming that DU won’t be opening in the near time. “Some of us had no choice but to leave our internships and attend offline classes. Opening in the mid of the semester and that too without any prior notice has wrecked the lives of students who were working all this while”, says Harshveer Singh, a B.Comm prog. student at Sri Guru Gobind Singh College of Commerce.


With everything around us going offline, plans to hangout with friends and fear of offline examination, the student community at DU is at sea now. While some of us are still waiting for a COVID variant to take over the surroundings again, some of us are looking for a college-entrance-intership balanced approach. With not all moonlight and roses, DU Express wishes you with strength to survive the change.

Remember, this too shall pass. 😊

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