10 Hacks That Will Make Life Easier in New Delhi

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We all have somewhere dreamed, regretted, consoled and wailed before and after coming to the University of Delhi. The romanticized idea of venturing in the capital had been amusing once, the effort required for mere survival in the city has crushed, torn and thrown in the deepest sea, the amusement that has brought us all here. Especially the people, who had to leave their cocoons to enroll themselves in one of the top universities of India, feel deeply enervated by the pace of this city.

You might feel lonely in the enormous stature of the city, where ‘minding your own business‚Äô is in vogue (when you strongly wish, someone could offer just a little help), but Hey! Here we are, the friends in need, to make your life a little (if not much) easier.

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Following are the hacks which you have been needing, all this while:

  1. Never stand by the left door when your metro approaches Rajiv Chowk. Unless you wanna get sandwiched by the mob flow.download-1
  2. Do not go to the famous ‚ÄúParanthe Wali Gali‚Äù at Chandni Chowk.Those aren’t paranthas, those are puris.¬†download-2
  3. Sarojini Nagar is no less ‚Äúcheap‚Äù than your weekly market.Yes, there’s great variety; no, the prices are not the cheapest.download-3
  4. If you are stranded alone at night and you can’t find an auto or all auto wallas are just saying NO to you (worse, if you are a female), call these helpline numbers:
    Auto Helpline Numbers:
    011-42400400/ 1095/ 011-25844444images-2
  5. ¬†Everything is expensive at the Tibetan market, Majnu Ka¬†Tila.¬†Enquire the prices and you’d know.oraar
  6. Watch free movies at India¬†Habitat Center if you are a connoisseur of good cinema.¬†Nobody asks you whether you are a member or not; and there’re plenty of great foreign cinema on offer all the time.download-4
  7. Hauz Khas Village is pretentious.If looking for good cafes, go to SDA; if looking for offbeat art, go to old Delhi.download-5
  8. Do not give your mobile handsets for repair at Gaffar Market.They’ll replace a lot of the internal parts with old ones.download-6
  9. Delhi Metro is the safest mode of transportation for women.download-7
  10. Blame Arvind Kejriwal for every issue in Delhi. It’s in trend & is universally acceptable.estate-education-app_d2b74606-442a-11e6-80db-dfffb1de8362Thank us later!

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Swati Mehta
Swati Mehta is currently lazying around and meanwhile pursuing her Bachelors in English Literature from Miranda House. She is a big time procrastinator and a food addict. A pen has always been her key to action. A satanist in practice, keep following to know more about her.

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