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10 Things One Should Definitely Experience During College Life

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College life is a golden period. It is the time when you step outside your shell. During this period a student starts to think differently. Unplanned outings, chai and maggi at stalls, bunking lectures, exam stress (not for all) are what college life is comprised of. So here are a few things that one should definitely do/experience at least once during their college life period :

1. Date

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So starting with the most intriguing one : dating. Though it sounds so vague but seriously one should at least have this experience once. It might result in a heartbreak, a successful relationship, or a mere memory but honestly it would be a thrilling experience. You just require the charm and the art of initiating a conversation. That’s it.

2.Go for a road trip

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Isn’t going to a cafe or going for a movie too mainstream ? What could be better than having enthralling conversations and stomach aching laughs with your friends. Trust me, it helps to reveal a lot about your friends and make the bonds stronger.

3. Visit other colleges

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Spending your 3 years in only one college,looking at the same infrastructure is quite banal. So do visit other colleges! Diwali mela, fests , competitions, seminars are the best opportunities to do this.

4. Get drunk

Neither promoting nor encouraging drinking but just for the sake of experience , sit drunken in a class and have that stupid drunken story to tell your friends and colleagues.

5. Library. Yes this too exist!

Not for nerds and fitness freaks, but others should definitely once step into library to find solitude and spend some time with yourself.

6. Do an internship

You do gain confidence and learn how to communicate formally. Also you have plenty of ideal time which can be utilised in the best possible productive way by doing an internship.

8. Understand the subtle art of not giving a fuck

There will come a time when people would judge you for everything that you do and that you don’t do. So better just learn how to ignore and keep doing things that you desire to do.(kyunki kuch to log kahenge, logo ka kaam hai kehna)

9. Outstation trips

That must have trip which would be reminisced by every person whenever he/ she will talk about his /her college life in future. Trust me, some eternal bonds are made for sure at college trips.

10. Make friends

Make as many friends as you can , from all courses that your college offers. Also don’t forget to make that at least one friend who is going to be there for you even after your college life ends.

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