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10 Things Today’s Generation Does,That Our Parents Hate But Shouldn’t

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1. Binge Watch- If anything is hotter than Victoria’s Secret Angel Models it is the Binge watching trend. But this very euphoric thing for us is viewed as a menace by our parents which they shouldn’t. Why? Well! Above everything it is informative in a way, for those who wouldn’t read a book to save their lives. And it’s our Solace.Need i say more?

binge watch du express

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2. Dating more than a few people- A practice known to be hoochie in the old times is as normal as devouring in our Nutella Jars. Oldies may not like it at all but we savvy that it’s okay to be with people whose company you enjoy and it’s even better to let go of the same people when needed.

double dating du express

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3. Staying up till late- This one is most exasperating for them. But it’s totally legit if your dreams aren’t letting you wither away into a sound sleep. As long as staying up is productive , you know it’s not malign.

staying up till late du express

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4. Carefree attitude- Not giving a flying rat’s ass can be found in almost everyone these days whereas, oldies find it highly repulsive. Now in reality this one is truly gratifying and healthy for an individual.

Carefree attitude du express

5. Travelling Solo- Since, feminism has hit the floor even women find content in travelling solo now. But this one sincerely turns the wits of their parents. But travelling is vital you know, it not only just leaves you with stories to tell but also with a better version of Yourself. One that appreciates more often.

travelling solo du express

6. Social Media- You might not want to add them on Facebook but they want to know that you’re safe and out of trouble at all times. But we all know that connecting with friends and loved ones overseas and maybe finding someone special out of blue is just. Well!! Precious.

social media du express

7. Taking time to settle- A vicious thing they may say because according to them it is important to start a family on time. But then of what use will this family be when one day you’ll wake up and think of it as something gratuitous.


8. Following our dreams ‚Äì This one falls under our bold choice‚Äôs list. It is said that the Universe has in abundance for everyone then stepping out of your comfort zone to grab what‚Äôs yours… How could it not be good?


9. Not so miser policy- This policy of ours includes not really saving for the future. Grandies will never approve of it ever. But it’s okay to spend on experiences in the end. Since life is a series of memories made not material and insurances bought.


10. Seeing ourselves as Individual first- This one strictly involves loving yourself. For instance, they‚Äôre known by their families, our oldies. Now I‚Äôm not asking you to scorn your family. But if you don‚Äôt know who you are then how does your family will matter to you anyway…?


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