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10 Things You Can Do This Winter Break

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The semester exams are about to get over and finally, it’s time to take a break from the hectic college life. The city is ringing with Christmas bells, why not make the best out of these winter vacations? 

1. Internship

10 Things to do this Winter Break

Vacation time is the best time to get ahead on your CV game. While most of the people won’t utilise this time, you surely can. Alongside gaining considerable experience, exposure and certificates, you might make some extra pocket money too!

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A wide variety of internship options for students can be found online.

2. Community Service

10 Things to do this Winter Break

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In this contemporary world with all its ills, why not try giving something good back to society? You cannot change the entire world but you can surely make someone’s world better by doing your bit.

So get your college gang and devote a few hours from your life towards doing something good for the society. You can volunteer or become a permanent member of several NGOs in and around Delhi NCR such as CRY, Help Age India, Goonj etc.

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3. City Tour

10 Things to do this Winter Break

There is so much to explore and so little time. 

Delhi is known for its culture, Heritage, street food and whatnot. Why not go and check it all out?

For history and heritage enthusiasts, Delhi has a lot to offer such as the Qutub Minar, the Red Fort, the Firoz Shah Kotla, Ugrasen ki Baoli etc. For street food lovers and shopaholics, we have Chandni Chowk, Janpath and Sarojni Nagar market; while Champa Gali, Lodhi Art District and many more similar sites remain hidden in the beautiful nooks and crannies of the city, waiting for you to discover.

4. Take up a hobby

10 Things to do this Winter Break

You finally have time to unleash your inner artist, why wait? Get your art file out or dust your baking apron and get creative! 

You can brush-up your old skills or develop new ones, the possibilities are endless.

You can learn to play a new instrument, try your hands at pottery or maybe gear yourself up to ace the dance society auditions next year.

5. Volunteer

10 Things to do this Winter Break
Image Source – India Today

Winter months are a time when the city witnesses many fests and events. Most of these event managements are on a lookout for volunteers to help them pull off the event. Not only do they offer a satisfying experience but also many other perks.

Such events include food festivals (Eg. Horn Ok Please, the Grup Festival etc), conventions (Eg. ComicCon Delhi etc), cultural festivals and shopping carnivals etc.

6. Read

While everyone lives one life, a reader experiences a hundred. Reading is one of the best habits one can engage in. Give a shot at reading books of any genre that interests you and invest in yourself. You can find many free ebooks online and read them at the convenience of your handheld devices without burning a hole in your pocket.

Grab a book with a cup of coffee and unwind!

7. Catch up with friends

It’s time to finally give force to the get-togethers and meet-up plans you’ve been pushing towards the end of the semester. Catch-up with your old school mates but don’t forget your college buddies.

Meet with your mates at a good café in town or find an activity to do together.

8. Enrol in a short course

Boost your knowledge radar with short term courses available offline and online, on various topics and subjects with varying time durations and charges. These courses include skill-building courses, foreign language courses, academic courses, etc.

Make sure to choose the one that best suits your requirements and interests.

9. Start your own business venture

10 Things to do this Winter Break

College time is the best time to make your career goals a reality. While you are still in college, you can start enhancing the entrepreneur in you and give a framework to your very own start-up. You can invest time in starting a business or organisation of your own.

10. Regulate your Physical Health

With the New Year around the corner get a head start on your Fitness New Year resolution this winter vacations. Try taking up a sport or experiment with a new fitness routine in your everyday life and see how it goes.

It is finally time to lean back and rejuvenate for sometime before giving a head start to the next semester.

 With these suggestions turn your vacations into vaca-yay and make the most out of it. 

Happy Holidays!

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