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How 2 Broke Friends Were Destined to Meet Their Celebrity Crush

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At some point in our lives, we have all had celebrity crushes. Celebrity crushes are one crazy obsession– stalking them all over Instagram, not missing even a single song or movie of theirs, idolising them and wishing to be like them one day. What if you are given a chance to have a glimpse of your favourite celebrity or meet them in person?

Akshay Kapoor and Karan Kapoor too had a desire to have a glimpse of the world- renowned poet, Sarah Kay and meeting her would have been like a dream come true.

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One day the Kapoors came across a post on Airplane Poetry Movement page and came to know that she was coming to Bangalore in the National Youth Poetry Slam (NYPS).


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Seeing the post, they wanted to go there to see their favourite poet. Just like little innocent kids, they went to their parents asking for money to go to Bangalore. All their expectations reached a ground level after hearing a ‘no’ from their parents as they didn’t have enough money at such a short notice.

Small pockets and big dreams! The duo did not give up so easily and came up with a make-do solution. They decided to make best use of their photography skills and do some photoshoots at cheap thrills so that they could manage the event tickets, travelling and the accommodation. They asked their friend Adhikaar, to design a poster so that they could spread the word.

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They put up the post online and it was a social media outburst! They started receiving messages from Bangalore’s artist community and to their surprise, the post also got featured on the Airplane Poetry Movement page. Their journey was then followed by a series of fortunate events where a train of magical people appeared to help them reach their final destination.

They got their event tickets funded by Bharath who shared the poster from the page and captioned it “the event tickets are on me! Come down to Bangalore! Let’s make this slamtastic!”People helped them raise funds to survive in the city and a person even travelled all the way from Bangalore to Delhi to get his photoshoot done. Even the founders of Airplane Poetry Movement, Shantanu and Nandini contacted them assuring of trying their level best to bring them to National Youth Poetry Slam.

They raised enough funds for travelling but still needed accommodation. And that is when another angel named Shaifila appeared in their lives to help them provide free accommodation and make their stay super fun.

But this wasn’t the end of this beautiful dream they were living. On the first day of NYPS, the fanboys freaked out seeing Sarah sitting right in front of them. Though they couldn’t meet her that day but got a chance to meet Vineeth Vincent, a celebrity beatboxer.


The second day of NYPS was probably one of the best days of their life which they might never be able to forget. They saw Kalki Koechlin perform a beautiful poem and met people from Spoken Stage, Karachi who appreciated their efforts of making it to Bangalore.


Then, came the legendary moment they had been waiting for—‘Meeting Sarah Kay’. The lucky Kapoors finally got a chance to talk to her and tell her about the story of how they got there and giver her a letter.


And their story rightly concludes with the very famous quote, “If you want something, the whole universe conspires to make it happen”

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