4 Things You Should Must Do On Your Freshers Party
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Freshers party is a way to welcome new comers in a college, and it is considered particularly amazing when it comes to Delhi University colleges. The Freshers party isn’t  just a day for the new comers (as the name suggests) but is also important and special for the seniors. Following are the four things which one must do on their freshers party –

Know your seniors in a fun-filled way!

Freshers as by ritual is organised by the seniors, i.e. second and third years for the first year students and with just few days in hand at a new college around new people after coming out from a protected environment of school, the first years will miss out on a lot if they wont know how college goes from their seniors. For this, it is important to know your seniors in a way you don’t feel uncomfortable to ask for anything, and freshers it is that one hell of an opportunity to see the fun-filled side of your seniors where they do all the hard work for you, to welcome you.

Enjoy the first event with COLLEGE FRIENDS!

After college begins, we meet new people who become friends, best friends, lovers and in some cases soulmates too. But a new place, a new life takes up all the time for exploration without any celebration. Freshers Party is the chance for you to celebrate this new beginning with new people that would hopefully be there for this one lifetime, so make sure you make the most of this first event because after 10 years, you shouldn’t regret about not enjoying.

Make it the most memorable moment of a new journey!

Participate in all the games, competitions, dance like there’s no tomorrow and enjoy as if it’s your last day (even though it is the first one). Make Freshers Party the official beginning of this journey as memorable as you can, because this is the day you actually begin with your college life in real.

Click photographs to create memories!

Out of all the things you do, make sure you click photographs on this day and save them so you can compare them in future to realise that the change in life has been the best and time flew too quick for you to notice the changes.


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