The 5 day training kickstarted with Maitreyans practicing punches and kicks early morning. Effective attacks as well as defensive techniques were learnt as well. With the Delhi Police establishing its Parivartan Cell with the objective of imparting the much needed skill of being able to defend oneself to citizens, the students of this college have certainly been benefited.

Maitreyi College is an all women’s college in the South Campus of Delhi University. The Internal Complaints Committee Against Sexual Harassment of Maitreyi College works actively towards taking preventive and strength inducing method towards countering the question of women safety in Delhi.

The training is open for the students of Maitreyi College only, however, the very event propels us to work towards making the change we wish to see. Amidst sweat, learning, and laughter, the girls of Maitreyi have taken one step towards making Delhi a safer place for themselves and for us.


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