5 Reasons For Attending College Fests

“Are you going to Miranda’s fest ? Do you know Hindu’s fest is going to be amazing? Will you attend so-and-so fest?” These are some of the trending questions that college students ask each other these days. Indeed this is the time of college life where buzzing college fests are the center of attraction for all. To take a break from your mundane routine of ‘eat, sleep, Netflix, repeat’, college fests are here to boost up your spirit.


Following are the reasons that make college fests worth attending


After being pissed off with internals and projects, college fests provide a perfect break to boost your spirit. It’s time to tap your feet to naagin dance and Gangnam style and forget all about your hectic lives.


For the first year students, this is the time that they start making some fond memories with their new friends and what better way to bond other than fests? Also it is a good way to make sure that the third year students don’t miss their last opportunity to make some unforgettable memories with their peers.


You might have dreamed of some other college but ended up in another. Fests provide you the perfect reason to visit campuses of various colleges and even make friends there. Also, you might find your special someone in some other college.


It’s time to give rest to your casual clothes and dress up and flaunt your attire for girls and boys to get their chance to flaunt their inner Ranveer Singh and wear some cool dude outfit.


If you are a member of dance,music, art, drama etc. society then college fests are an amazing platform to show your skills and earn exciting prizes.

So, just be ready to roll and relish the live concerts by some breathtaking singers and enjoy the sublime days of college fests.

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