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5 Ways To Cope Up With Stress During Exams

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Exam time is undoubtedly the most stressful time of the whole semester for any student. Never – Ending syllabus, sleepless nights and last time preparation is every time the same no matter how hard we vow to start studying from the beginning of the next semester ! And, all of this result in anxiety & stress which will ultimately ruin all of the preparation you have done.

To avoid this you can cope up with stress by 5 ways :-

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1. Take short breaks while studying

You may think that studying in just one sitting will help you cover your syllabus easily but it is not so in reality. This methods stresses your mind and your body gets exhausted. Take short break of 5-15 mins after an hour or so.

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2. Making flash cards

This is most suitable way of retaining what you have studied especially the theory. Write important points from one concept on a flashcard and instead of going through the whole book again while revising you can revise from these flash cards easily and swiftly.

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3. Eating balanced and healthy diet

Food – craving is common these days when all you do is nothing while sitting in your room and you want to have your favourite pasta from your favourite shop. But, this is what you need to avoid because this will not obviously make your pocket empty but fast foods make you feel dizzy and drained out. So, try to strikea balance in munching your favorite snacks and fruits and vegetables.

4. An upbeat playlist

You won’t study whole day so while taking break what you can do is to listen to some upbeat songs to get some energy in yourself and feeel light. You can find these in any music apps like Spotify, Prime Music or you can simply Youtube!

5. Fixed routine

You can either be a night owl or early riser but you still need to fix a routine according to you to divide your time. One of the most important thing is that you should not decrease your sleeping hours less than 7 as it will deteriorate your health.

Keep calm and study well. You will definitely do well in your exams.

All the best!

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