5 Well Known Female Comedians In India You Should Follow

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Female Comedians : The raw, unabashed, unapologetic, blatant lot of badass divas who make us laugh so hard with their punchlines and relatable jokes, designated as female comics are the ones who are marching on their own drum rather than entering into contracts with any of the male dominating comedy ventures like AIB/ EIC/ SNG are surely presenting a new form of women empowerment who gracefully fight against all odds,they put so much effort in their content and performance that they look quite effortless and flawless.

From Mallika Dua’s “Shaggz Di” to Sumukhi Suresh’s “Pushpavali”,these female comics have earned loads of applause from the virtual world to real world’s stage and open mic comedy. The persistent rise in subscribers and followers on their YouTube channels and social media accounts are evident of their immense popularity and acceptance among youths.

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Here we present some “bold as brass” audacious women who make us laugh our heart out through their satire and wit.

1. Aditi Mittal

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Five Well Known Indian Female Comedians We Should Watch Out For This Year

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Aditi Mittal is an Indian stand-up comedian,actress and writer.In 2009,she was one of the first five Indians to be featured in an Indians only stand-up show called Local Heroes,organised by the UK based “The Comedy Store”.She was one of the founding members of Ghanta Awards and FilmFail Awards,two of the biggest parody award shows in India.She also featured on the Roast panel of the AIB Knockout.

2. Mallika Dua

Five Well Known Indian Female Comedians We Should Watch Out For This Year

Mallika Dua can be called the Queen of Comedy in a true sense.You are not her true fan if you haven’t copied her accent once on Instagram and Snapchat.All her characters “Komal” , “Kanchan”,”Khushboo”,”Makeup Didi” and “Shagun Didi” are inspired from her real life experiences.She has also been part of “Girliyapa”,”Trip” which was telecasted on Bindass and AIB.What made her an internet sensation overnight was her video “Shit Indians Say : Sarojini Nagar Edition”.

3. Kaneez Surka 

Five Well Known Indian Female Comedians We Should Watch Out For This YearYou might have seen her hosting “The General Fun Game Show”¬†and also in AIB sketches.She has been a big part of Mumbai’s scene since 2009.She has also graced one episode of “Son of Abish” with critically acclaimed actor Swara Bhaskar.

4. Sumukhi Suresh

Five Well Known Indian Female Comedians We Should Watch Out For This Year

She is a stand-up comedian,writer and a director who makes you simultaneously laugh and ponder over by her satirical and deadpan comedy.She launched a video series called “Behti Naak” on her YouTube channel which went viral.She has created “Pushpavali” an amazing web series which is available on Amazon Prime.

5. Sonali Thakker 

Five Well Known Indian Female Comedians We Should Watch Out For This YearPart time stock-broker,full time gujju and a weekend comedian, Sonali Thakker is the biggest threat to the dumb blonde theory. Covering socially relevant topics such as traveling,shopping and chaprigiri.Sonali’s standup is powerful,always funny and sometimes scary.

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