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6 Things To Do This Mid-Semester Break

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Well, it’s that time of the semester which students keenly look forward to – the mid-semester break. After a gruelling couple of months of college in this biting summer, this week-long break comes as a sigh of relief for the students. The outstation students plan visits to their home towns, while others look to review their syllabus, read books or just take some time off from studies. It may just be a week-long break but it is quite valuable for students given their overall schedule. Students don’t really get time off like this too often and they must use it to the fullest. 

You won’t even know how quickly this week will fly. So, it’s better to have a concrete plan in your mind about what all you are going to do in this break. Below is a comprehensive list of several things you can do in your mid-semester break:

  1. Give time to your friends and family: This may seem very obvious but for some people, it is not. You get so engrossed in your schedule that you barely spend quality time with your parents. In fact, you start drifting away from your old friends. This is the time you can make up for moments lost with your friends and family. Go to restaurants, watch movies, visit famous places or just laugh and joke around together. It’s important to do all this as social media interactions are certainly not enough to keep these relationships going.
  2. Go through your syllabus: One thing that you can almost expect is a flurry of internal exams as soon as you start college again and these tests are then followed by your semester-end exams. Students generally do not have enough time to address their leftover syllabus in such less time and all they are left with is regret This can be avoided by utilising this break through a comprehensive review of your syllabus. Take the help of your friends to complete the remaining notes, go through your readings thoroughly and try to solve past year papers for practice. This will be of great help for you going ahead. After this, you can have a list of doubts which you can request your professors to address later on.
  3. A small trip: If you are confident that you are keeping up with the syllabus, society work and internships, this is the perfect time for you to plan a short trip. To stay away from a haphazard city life, go to places like hill stations or coastal areas and enjoy nature’s serenity. This refreshes your mind and body and helps you to recharge for the tasks ahead.
  4. Organise your stuff: Do you know where all your stationery and books are kept? Can you find them in a single step? The answer may be “no” for a few people. Well, this is the right time to rearrange your things. Get your documents at one place and get them photocopied as they may be required at any stage. Keep all your notes, assignments, books and stationery at a proper place so that you don’t have to run around finding them every time. Fill the remaining forms and pay the due fees. In fact, you can go shopping and arrange clothing and footwear as the winters are approaching. 
  5. Start with an internship or a project: If you look at your schedule for the next two months, you will find something very interesting. You have the mid-semester break, then the Diwali break, then a few classes in November and then you virtually don’t have to go to college for the next one and half months except for exams. Since you will have a lot of days off, this may be a good time to begin an internship or a project. You may even start with things like research papers. However, you must do these things only if you are assured of good marks in exams. Your studies should be your first priority.
  6. Give yourself some time: Lastly, it is important to give yourself some quality time. You may want to read your favourite books, listen to relaxing music, write some poetries, do paintings, watch Netflix. It is imperative to take some time off from a consuming schedule to relax.
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