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7 Books to read on Wattpad

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                             “I wanted to study but only novels”

Being a novel enthusiast, you always look for new stories to read and now that books are merely reduced to PDFs and Kindle editions (thanks to the technology), we thought why not list out some amazing books to read on Wattpad. Now for those who don’t know what Wattpad is, have you been living under a rock? Kidding, it is a community for readers and writers where you can discover new user-generated stories in different genres ranging from classics to poetry. So, now that you know  what the article is about, I’ll quickly jump into the gist of it, here’s a list of the books to read on Wattpad:

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  1. STORM AND SILENCE by Rob Thier

This book is a romantic regency and is a series of 4 books to be exact, all 4 of them are available on Wattpad. The reason why it is on top of my list is because it reminds me of Jane Austen’s ‘Pride & Prejudice’, the banters between the Protagonists have been taken to a whole new level in this book, taking you on a journey of adventures in jungles, hot and steamy romance, playful fights and dangerous enemies of the Dark world. If you love reading romantic novels, this is your pick!


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Okay, the book is not what you’re thinking when you read the Title, there’s no actual devil rather it is a Teen Fiction with a simple and sweet high school love story. So what makes it stand out from other teen fiction romance is the way it is written. The author has woven the story so beautifully with all the right researches that you’ll be hooked to read it again and again. It is like tootsie roll in a world of chocolates.


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As the name suggests, this book brings out the problem of Bullying in High Schools but in a humorous way. It’s a story of a girl who is bullied and three boys who come into her life as a ray of hope, now the girl is no damsel in distress but even superwoman sometimes need a superman’s help right? The book has a unique story and has a different kind of freshness into it, for someone who is not much into romance, this one is for you! Oh, and it’s sequel is out on Wattpad too.


  1. I’LL PROTECT YOU by orangechicken 

This story is a Royal satire also a Romantic Comedy. The reason as to why it is on the list is that, it is not your conventional story of a guy protecting a girl and falling in love. The girl is a badass and goes on a Jackie Chan mode herself, so what’s different? You’ll have to read and find out for yourself. But let me tell, it’s a book worth reading! Oh, almost forgot, it’s sequel is out now too!


  1. THE MISCHIEVOUS MRS. MAXFIELD by ninyatippett 

This is a story of a young, independent girl and her adventures of getting married to a hot billionaire, not by choice, if I may add. This book is filled with laughter, love, anger, resentment and what not. It is a whole package and the way is has been written is one of it’s biggest USP. Looking for a sweet and at the same time a fiery story to read? This one is your pick



6. IN 27 DAYS by HonorInTheRain 

This story is a fantasy adventure of a girl who travels back into time to save the guy and how they fall in love in 27 days. It is an emotional and dark romantic story that’ll make you smile and cry at the same time. The reason for it to be on this list is because I absolutely love sappy romantic stories and to top it all off it is a fantasy too. For someone who is a fantasy enthusiast like me, this one is for you!


  1. CHASING RED by isabelleronin 

This is one of the books that were eventually written on Wattpad but now has also been published because of the amazing response it got over the app. It is available on Kindle and the paperback on Amazon too but you can also read it on Wattpad for free. It is hot and steamy college romance where the guy and the girl end up living together accidentally and now add a crazy ex-girlfriend into the mix with an evil mother and you’ve got yourself a soap opera. If you’re looking for drama, this book is made for you!

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