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7 Things You Should Do For Your Seniors On Their Farewell

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As the time for farewell draws closer,we are all digging for ideas to make this final month with our seniors an amazing part of their memory album.

We had a lot to learn from them, as they shared their experiences when it came to dealing with assignments , teachers and college life as a whole.They’ve been our in-built college guides with whom we have our own share of crazy to emotional moments in the various societies and departments we are a part of.

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So their farewell is our chance to show them how much they mean to us!! Here are some amazing ideas to make their farewell worthwhile!

(1) Farewell Video

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This is probably the most important part of farewell where you can put together some of the most funniest and bizzare pictures and videos of your seniors! Added with the perfectly tuned music, it will be a flashback down the memory lane of their college years.

(2) Plan for Speeches

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As juniors we all had our share of cacophony when working under pressure **read seniors**. But it had always been a learning lesson for us at the end! So now is your chance to tell them how grateful you are to have them.
Speeches don’t need to painfully long too short, they just need to short and honest¬†‚ù§

(It’s not necessary for everyone to prepare a speech, you can entertain volunteers from the department itself)

(3) Notes to seniors

7 Things You Should Do For Your Seniors On Their Farewell

We all know, not all of us are good at delivering speeches, so why not write them up anonymously and let them guess!
Every member from the group can write a note they always wanted to say to a senior on a chit, and that person has to Guess who wrote what!

(4) Titles

Most of us have witnessed the dramatic, funny and witty people in the group. Every one of them has a quirky habit/nature that everyone knows, you can titles for them. This one is a tribute to the insane weirdos and philanthropists who got our backs whenever we needed them!

(5)¬†I will miss College because….

Make the party interactive, ask each of them Рwhy they are going to miss the college. This could be a session where everyone would express their attachment towards their college and friends. Spend some good time together recollecting things over the past years.

(6) Quiz

Ask them questions about each other; like РGuess Who Рwhere you describe a person from the batch and the audience has to guess the person. This is a very interesting game that will keep all of the audience engaged and active. Besides these, you can always have other games that would make the atmosphere lively.

(7) Farewell Gifts

Parting gifts are the best way to give back memories to back and would remind them of their incredible 3 year journey through the college.

Gift ideas could be anything from a group photo frame to customized mugs (depending on the budget!)

These are just few suggestions to make these upcoming farewells memorable for our seniors! You can always explore and come up with more farewell ideas. We hope that you give the best farewell and have a fabulous time. After all this has been and will be one of best phases of your life.

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