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7 Types Of Friends You Will Make In Your College Life For Sure

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In college there are thousands of people who come from different walk of life,and that is something exciting. College gives an opportunity to meet and connect with new people.Friendship comes in many shapes,sizes¬† and varieties and the friendship you make in college can be some of the most long lasting or unique.In college you are exposed to so many different people and you have multiple types of friends that you can hang out with.Some people are just people to talk to and some stick around for life.Let’s see different friends you’ll be sure to come across while at college.


He/she will be the richest among all of you.They think life would be miserable without branded accessories and clothing.They don’t leave a chance to brag about their happening lifestyle.

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She is the one who loves to spread the news across the campus . She is the local media in short . She stalks everybody on social media from left,right and center.She does not have anything against anyone,it’s just her life’s purpose.She is the one who knows everything that is happening on the internet and also let everyone know that.


You will always see this person at parties.Their answer to all of life’s celebration and trouble is -party.They spend half of their time in convincing their friends to come party with them.

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4.¬†THE “NERD”

They are the one who are always found drowning in book or another.They worry too much about exams and marks.After the results they are the ones like “Crap,I thought I’d score at least 98% , Alas ! They aren’t at college to make any friends,they just focus on studies .

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They are the ones who are not at all concerned with marks and lectures . They don’t care what the world thinks about them . They do what they want to do.

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They loves to eat , the main mantra of their life is to eat.Fried chips,burgers,candy and all other kind of junk food are their favorite.After every lecture you will found them hungry.They love to explore all food joints  and cafe nearby.


She/he is the one who knows you the best.You are you with them.They are the kind of friends who lets you be a hot mess and knows all of your deepest and darkest secrets,but still loves you all the same.You know you guys will be friends throughout college and even after.

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