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8 Last Minute Preparation Tips For Semester Exams

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Throughout this second half of the semester you somehow could not keep up with the all the syllabus and studies , so now you’re left to study … just everything!!

Moreover you know you’ve landed yourself in trouble when the semester exams are around the corner , and you still don’t know where to start with!

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So here are ‘last minute exam tips’ to get you thorough this semester!

(1) Start now!

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If you’re wondering when would be the right time to start preparing , you have to start now , if you haven’t started already.

Start with the topics you’re comfortable with. So that you get good start with your preparation and gain some confidence to get you going!

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(2) Prioritize
Since we are talking about last preparation here, you do not have enough time to study each and every thing. So you have to start with prioritising topics and concepts according to weightage and difficulty level. In this way, you’re at least through with topics that can easily get you pass the paper!

(3) Post it notes

Have small sticky notes around your place to have a look at important formulas and key points in various chapter,so that you can revise anywhere and everywhere!! . It’ll help you memorize them better as you see and read them everyday rather then try mugging up just a day before exam.

(4) Don’t just read

Reading at the last minute may or maynot stay in your memory for too long but watching videos on the topics can help you retain better. And it’s welcome change from the big fat books and readings anytime!!

( You may not get videos for all the topics on YouTube! In that case you could try making your readings or books more colourful and less monotonic by marking important point with the highlighter )

(5) Get rid of the Distractions

As a college student, we’re all in a habit to check our phones at regular (frequent) intervals! ( Maybe to post a story with you and your books ! Telling everyone that you’re getting started without actually doing it on Watsapp) This is the time when we ‘accidentally’ spent too much time on Instagram and Facebook scrolling down and down and down or clicking weird pictures at snapchat. You can try putting your phone in a different room and reward yourself with 15-20 minutes breakdown when you can scroll down as much as you want!

Or if you’re like one of those people who do not have any SELF control!! ( Like me), there are Apps designed just for that!! You could try Apps like “Keep Me Out”, “App Block” and “Self Control” that lock you outside your phone and don’t let you access it for a set time (you decide) They even Block all the notifications!! So now you know how to block some of your distractions already.

(6) Take breaks

Let’s admit it ! It is impossible to study all day long and not lose your mind. So reward yourself with breaks after studying for at least 2-3 hours. You could watch your favourite TV shows meanwhile and return back to study after that.

(Please note that your study duration need to be at least 2 times more than your break duration!!!)

(7) Sleep!

By sleeping , you should not doze off anytime. But you are going to need at least 6 hours sleep to stay focused. You will perform much much better if your mind gets time to take rest to retain and process all the information you’ve thrown at it.

(8) But wake up as well!

You can set your least favourite song as the alarm to wake up. And once you wake up, try to stay up and alert. Take a walk outside for some fresh air and make sure you get proper meal.

Lastly , these tips will help you prepare for the exams better but the final performance is all about how well you could prepare!
So, Best of luck for the exams, study well but don’t stress yourself out!

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