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9 Things Final Semester Students Feel At The Time Of Graduation

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College is that sweet abode in a person’s life that guides away all the humdrum of complexities in life. It is a second home where students spend most amazing years of their life. So, when they finally become graduates and leave it, it fills them with nostalgia and memories of so many crazy things done. Following are the things which every final year student would have or will be experiencing after final semester exam results-

1. A sudden alarm of career

It is obvious for some people they don’t ‘really’ think about jobs or placements and are far away from these tensions. But as soon as final exam results approach, they become career conscious and start experiencing a lot of pressure related to jobs.

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2. Feeling of nostalgia

One gets in a daily routine of college, canteen food, bunking lectures, fun at the time of elections, talking about the professors – all these sweet memories are missed very badly.

3. Family or relative pressure

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Soon after one steps out of college, students actually come to know how many relatives they have! Everyone starts showing deep interest in their lives, wanting to know what are they planning for the future or when will they get married and so on.

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4. Shift in priorities

The chunk of people who seemed everything during college (lol) start losing their importance due to lack of communication because of the shift in priorities.But we make time for those we want to, right?

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5. Freedom

The so called ‘Netflix and Chill’ phase. After final semester exam result, a long-awaited freedom is there. You are independent to do what you want or desire. No more morning alarms, getting ready for college or assignments and projects nothing! Now you can invest time in something worth investing.

6. Fear of entering the real world

Before graduating, everyone seems to dwell in their crazy and carefree worlds. But it soon comes to an end with the end of college life and beginning of the new after college life.

7. Frustration

With tensions of future creeping in your mind, students tend to feel nervous, frustrated and helpless in this phase. Nightmares of failure seem to be a vital part of their lives at this time. But don’t loose hope.

8. Boredom

In between being so busy during college days and again being busy with jobs, this phase comes in between and is characterised by no fixed schedule and gazing sessions at walls.

9. Comparison

The story of every graduate – in this particular phase, the thing which depresses the most is parents comparing them to their friends or the so-called ‘world famous – Sharma Ji ka Beta’.

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