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9 Types of Buddies In Every Class

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1) Plan Poopers

Despite your undying efforts to make those memorable trips happen, there is always that one waiting as Yama to destroy the planned trips, pooping every single time.Damn that rotten potato! Ironically, they are the first one to go crazy about planning the whole saga.

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2) God / Goddess of Proxy

Well, proxies have always been your savior for short attendance.Can you locate your that expert friend who manages to bless you with attendance every single time for unattended lectures? Never do they mess the situation and always remain uncaught.Trust me they are the ones whom you would never want to lose.They have got your back in every ugly morning lectures.

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3) Back Benchers’ Forever (BBFs)

A pair of recognized faces who always occupy those desired back benches. And when we say always, it means always.Making it their own boudoir or dining room and comfortable enough to screw the lectures by enjoying their chit chat on notebook or sometimes audacious to suspend their words in air during mid lectures, these students are inseparable.

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4) Super Blue Blood Moon

You will probably cite them once in a blue moon.They are those floating heads whom you will see in the end of semester or may be during exams only.And will definitely compel you to use the phrase “Yeh Apne Hi class Ka/Ki hai Kya?”.They are those notorious period cramps that happen once a month.Nevertheless, these cherries on the cake are hard to go unnoticed.

5) Bunk Specialist

You want a day off and go mass bunking but who is going to persuade the teachers about the same.Well! Worry not.This bunch is alike persuasion wizards wrapping their skills of hypnotism without losing a tint of favor.Not only they are good at the bunking stuff but rescheduling assignment dates, cancellation of tests and lot more to thank for.

6) Official Topper


The class envies the presence of this one person as “Sharma ji ka Beta/Beti”.¬† Why on Earth do they have to top the semester every time? Don’t they have better things to do like celebrating low grades or insincerity.But admirably you tend to thank god during class internals when they sit next to you helping you score whooping 10/10 despite your nil efforts.You know what we mean.


7) Romeo Juliet

Love birds. Lovey-dovey and what not. V-week being round the corner they will go missing in college. They know the best spot in college for¬† hide outs. And why to miss their victory of full attendance in college. The one reason that keeps them through the whole college life. This category also includes those who dreads of sharing the feelings but are happy staring their crush from distance. Likewise, “Devdaas” of class with their broken hearts and tiny tales of sorrows are a part of this as well.

8) Miss Malini

She / he is the one whom you approach every single time to hear gossips like who broke up with whom and who is cheating over whom. They go bantering A to Z of any tittle tattle. What makes one wonder is how do they know dirty secret of everyone.

9) Apple of teachers’ eye

Well!! You hate them from core of your heart for always being a yes-man to teachers’ command. Be it following deadlines of assignment or perhaps¬† attending the bunk lectures. Breath in, breath out. Although Bunk Specialist have got the back to tackle the mayhem caused by this batch but sometimes they are really nasty to deal with.

A class is always an undaunted example of ‘UNITY IN DIVERSITY‚Äô. So go on tag your buddies and acknowledge them with the category they fall in.


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