95th Annual Convocation Held by Delhi University
Image Source - Indian Express

The grand 95th Annual Convocation ceremony of University of India was held on 19th of November in the Indoor Stadium,Multipurpose Hall,Delhi University Sports Stadium Complex.The event witnessed immense glorification with the presence of Honorable Vice President of India Shri M Venkaiah Naidu who is the Chancellor of University as well.The Honorable Minister of State, Human Resource and Development, Government of India, Dr. Satya Pal Singh was the Guest of Honor.

The opening address was given by the Vice-Chancellor of the University, Prof. Yogesh Tyagi where he directed towards the various procurements amidst the Delhi University in the past one year.

At the Convocation Ceremony, Vice-President Shri M Venkaiah Naidu articulated his views and accentuated the need to encourage the young minds to think freely. He stated ‚ÄúWe need to re-engineer our education system. ‚ÄòOne size fits all‚Äô approach will not take us anywhere.We need to encourage our young people to think freely.We cannot keep forcing the same syllabus on a student who excels in science and a student who is savant in music. Only half the time of a student should be spent in a classroom, the other half should be spent in play ground, in the society , in nature and in open air. Only then will his or her education be complete.”

Following the accentuation, Shri M Venkaiah Naidu addressing the students said “I urge students to not let your degrees and marks limit you. This isjust your foundation. What you build from here, what you choose to be and do in life is totally up to you. Let nothing curb your dreams or restrict your thirst of excellence.” Further he also spoke in the context of the disputed event that held in the Jawaharlal Nehru University of the protest for the Afzal Guru’s hanging wherein the anti-national slogans emerged out as a result. “Patriotism did not mean garlanding Bharat Mata and saying “Bharat Mata Ki JAI” but it meant celebrating one’s countrymen and not discrimination against anyone on the basis of caste and religion.”

Apart from the intellectual articulation, the event also witnessed some enthusiastic cultural performances by the Manipur dance troupe and to top it all, Non-Collegiate Women’s Education Board also got an opportunity to be the part of the convocation for the first time.

Not to mention, the part of the event which eventually gathered the spotlight was the distribution of the 30 tablets stacked with the useful knowledge and intellectual material to the underprivileged school students by the Delhi University Social Center Co-Ed Secondary School, Maurice Nagar and CIE Experimental Basic School. Also in the convocation, 607 doctoral degrees, 39 DM/M.CH degrees, 168 medals, and 36 prizes were awarded to the students.


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