A Letter to Indian Soldiers (Thank You and Sorry, Dear Armed Forces)

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Dear Soldiers of Indian Armed Forces,

With the whole nation consumed with the pandemic and general debates about definition of nationalism, I am writing this letter to you. I hope this letter finds you standing courageously on the borders of our motherland. I learnt that there are three magic words I could say to anyone who unconditionally loved me and the country – thank you and sorry.

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Thank You for all that you have been doing all these years and you will continue to do for me, and my countrymen. Your unflinching determination is worth praise, and gratitude. Thank you for preventing us from the malefactors who cause harm to us, our sisters, our mothers, our daughters, our fathers and our brothers. Thank You for giving us that fraternal freedom of oneness we experience. Thank You for assuring us peaceful sleep. I marvel at your ensuring readiness to venture into deadly territories just for the sake of your motherland and its citizens.  

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Indian Armed Forces/ Security Forces

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Thank you for shedding your blood to save us. Thank You because you truly deserve this. Thank You.

Next, I want to say “Sorry”. Sorry for judging you without even knowing what you go through everyday. We haven’t experienced one minute of what you go through but we sit with a cup of tea in our hands and criticize you when you do anything wrong. I am sorry on behalf of those who pronounce your actions inept and careless and for always questioning you. I am sorry that you have to teach us how to value our National Flag and what Tiranga means to us. I am sorry on behalf of all those who do not respect you. 

Thank You, Armed Forces, for being the guardians of our divine land. We are forever grateful to you and moved and touched by the way you perform your duty unflinchingly. In whatever way conceivable, we, mother India’s children, shall support and further your cause, and just like you, the soldiers of India, we will keep breathing our national integrity even after our last one.

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