A Night Long Protest,Poor Facilities & An Atmosphere Of Fear : Welcome To Daulat Ram College Hostel

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On 23rd February, around a hundred female students gathered at the gate of Daulat Ram College Hostel to raise their voices against the wrongs happening to them. The girls at the hostel have been having many issues that remain unresolved till date.

The hostel conditions are not appropriate for the hostellers to stay. To put forward some instances: The washroom ceiling fell upon a girl while she was using the washroom. Fortunately, she was not hurt that much but it brought a sense of unsafety to other hostellers as well. The matron has stalked the social media accounts of the girls and questioned them on various grounds, which is absolutely unfair and offensive. The hostellers were given hostel accommodation a month after the college had started which resulted in extra financial burden on them due to their PG stays until hostel was opened for them. They were promised that the fees would be adjusted later but that has not happened so far. The students pay the hostel fees which includes basic facilities like television, internet services, stationary, photocopying services and so on. However, these services have not been rendered to them in comparison to the fees they have been paying. The students have been suffering due to poor air conditioning facilities. As per them, the geysers are switched on for not enough time during the winters. The food quality is completely deteriorated. There is no variety in the food and it lacks the required amount of nutrition also. The students are even made to serve food due to lack of staff. they are not allowed to leave or enter the hostel earlier than the specified time.

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The students have been disturbed by the behaviour of the hostel matron and warden. They have addressed it as mentally disturbing. A few students have been facing anxiety issues due to such behaviour.

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Talking to DU Express, a hosteller who doesn’t wish to be named said, “The protest started at¬†7 and we were out till 4:30 AM till our college principal intervened.The hostel committee did not show up even once. We have given our application. What we now demand is the removal of hostel administration because that is the only possible solution. Students are afraid to enter the hostel because of the matron and the warden. They have created the atmosphere of fear. We demand the dissolution of the hostel committee now.”

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Nearly 125 hostel students have written an application collectively, signed it and submitted. They have denied paying the hostel fee until their issues are resolved and have demanded compensation for the lack of amenities they have born for nearly eight months, in the application. Also, they have stated each issue vividly and have requested quick action on the matter.

There were protests organised today as well in college by the Students Union.This leaves us with a very important question – Are hostels turning into jails?

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