Maths Students Demand Free Revaluation After Mass Failure In 2 Exams

Delhi University’s Academic Council (AC) meeting, hung on Wednesday ‚Äî and before long was adjourned within hours as elected members entered the well of the hall and declined to give the gathering a chance to advance till the report of the advisory group set up by the college to audit the University Grants Commission (UGC) Regulations 2018 was tabled. The stalemate continued till around 7 pm when the meeting was adjourned.

Qouting AC Mmeber Saikat Ghosh,”The DU V-C’s adamant and continuing refusal to table the Report of the University’s Statutory Regulations Committee is a cowardly surrender of the DU’s autonomy. Elected AC members were protesting against the V-C’s evasion of discussion on the report and draft ordinances (to adopt and incorporate the UGC Regulations 2018), based on the report”.


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