Why Academic Qualifications Are Just Not Enough For A Secured Future

Why Academic Qualifications Are Just Not Enough For A Secured Future

Why Academic Qualifications Are Just Not Enough For A Secured Future
Image Source-Economic Times

Play up , play up, play the game! Hence through the above phrase, it suggests that no degree or honour can signify an end to this long enlightening journey to achieve success. As one never stops learning, success never ceases to be possessed.

“Miles to go before I sleep… miles to go before I sleep…” as written by Robert Frost in his poem, “Stopping by woods on a snowy evening”, conveys that although this journey of life is corrupt, yet its not the end of the lessons to success. Indeed, these challenges are the keys to more opportunities.

Thereby as a matter of fact obtaining an academic degree, be it undergraduate or postgraduate, does not change the morality of person unless he practises or further extends his learning to more discoveries of his own.

A goal without any plan is just a wish. Similarly, working hard or not but, being qualified in some academic field does not scruple a person to work more. A goal of anyone’s life is thus for a lifetime. That saying – ‘ Practise makes a man perfect’ surely can’t be doubted upon.

For instance, for the profession of a writer one cannot plainly read bundles of novels and obtain a bachelor’s degree in English honors so as to publish a book and become notable to many. For it’s goal to be accomplished, there is a lot of drudgery to be done even after you obtain a Master’s degree! Likewise, can a doctor start with major surgeries without holding practical skills and experience? Obviously, not. That’s where sociological practise and dealing with real life situations becomes important. Books can just help you organize your thoughts but it’s your passion that drive you think more and out of the box.

Another thing which comes in the way to success in life is our holistic development. Without the presence of common sense, decision making, humility and freedom being a social person, there is no scope for communication and relationships. And if these two seem to be missed or disturbed, then it’s well rightly said that the idea of success has been dropped.

To have a successful life, there must be two primary factors, you  should invest in ; health and relationships. As said, “Health Is Wealth” there should be no neglectance, be it of body fitness or mental stability.

Also, it’s conspicuous that a degree in hand at the time of interview for a high paid job does not alone justify the character and naturality of the person. There’s lot to be discovered out of his/her personality and habits. Apart from personal experience and practise, the ideology and lifestyle plays a key role for determining your suitability to that specific job.
You must carry that charisma which makes you outstand others.

Moreover help others in your day to day routine life, being successful doesn’t necessarily make you “great”. What makes you “great” is when you reach back and help somebody else become great !