An Open Letter From Me To A Class 12th Me : Every Student Appearing For Class 12th Boards Should Read This

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Dear Still-in-School-before-Boards Mandavi, 

Feels awkward writing to myself in the past in third person but this is what is required to be done. Know that you have cleared your board exams with flying colours and secured a seat in a reputed college in a course of your choice.

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Now that the suspense is over let me tell you the things you are fretting over right now will be of utmost insignificance a year from now.The balance sheet will match, the integration problem will be solved, you will remember the formula to calculate demand elasticity and the case study for business studies will be an easy one to crack.

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Even if the things do not happen as prescribed above (it doesn’t ; maybe something will happen in the economics paper and maybe, just maybe, you and the entire country will speak against CBSE for the rest of your life), you will pass this phase and live happily, I promise. Mummy and Papa will be proud of you no matter how the results turn out to be.

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You don‚Äôt have to be scared of not getting a good college, unrealistically high cutoffs or seemingly unpredictable interview questions are things you can’t do anything about.

What you can do though, is give your heart and soul to preparations for your last school examination. Life is going to be tough after this and the battles you will face next aren’t going to happen in a classroom desk wearing school’s logo on your blazer with a pen in your hand asking for extra sheets.

Be brave; crying over little things (like you did when you scored 17 out of 40 in a Maths class test) isn’t going to help. Be tougher than that, girl!

Now that the final class 12th board exams are about to begin from tomorrow, I won’t wish you luck because I know thamt you have worked your asses off for an entire year and luck should be the last thing to help you right now.


In-college-away-from-home Mandavi

PS- You also will soon realise that 12th tak padhna hai uske baad mazze hi mazze hain is a lie. Also, please learn how to operate a washing machine. This piece of information is going to be very handy in future.

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