An Open Letter To Every Kid Who Just Got His/Her Class 12th Board Result

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Hello Everyone!

I would like to begin my letter by congratulating you. Congratulating all of you, not primarily for your results but for the fact that you made through it! The ‘boards’ stress that you were hyping about since the last two years is finally over. Satisfactorily result or not, you should be proud of yourself. You didn’t give up! You are all fighters…

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It seems like yesterday only when my result came. I was tensed, checking my phone again and again. How will it be? Will I be able to score upto my parents’ expectations? Will I be able to make it in the college I always dreamt about? Bhaiyya scored 96%, will I be able to break this record amongst all the cousins? And there it was..on my screen. Showing how I performed. Hahaha I won’t tell you how was it, but certainly it taught me most things in my life. I am your friend. I have been through all, this phase you find yourself in today.

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My friends, don’t think that “Yaar English me marks kam aaye hein, mujhe English nahi aati”. Just because they cut your marks for some spelling error or some punctuation error or even if for some wrong answer doesn’t mean that you cannot choose your favourite course that maybe you always wanted to pursue like, English Hons. Do not let these 2 or 3 marks to get yourself into some other course just because you scored better in that subject than you did in the subject you are interested in. Trust me, a year from now and you won’t regret for 4-5 marks more than you’ll regret if you choose a wrong course now.

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We are all aware about the DU cutoffs. You may feel sad and think many times “Yaar 2 marks aa jate to us college me admission ho jata”. I may sound like a madman to you now, but trust me regretting and abhorring yourself for not getting some marks extra is not worth it. Accept the college that you will get admission in. Make new friends, explore new opportunities. Don’t consider yourself inferior to students who are in some better college than you because they underlined their answers and you didn’t and thus they got extra marks. (See you laughed, I know 😉 )

Don’t think too much. This is not the end. Don’t be under stress. Don’t think that you are good for nothing. Don’t let negativity burden you. If Virat Kohli after losing every match for RCB will start thinking that he cannot play cricket well or he is good for nothing, will that be acceptable to us? Losing one match doesn’t mean that he cannot win the world cup. We believe in him. We believe in you. This is just the starting. You have to go a long way..long way where you see yourself to be. The destination that will make you happy. Don’t choose a subject just because everyone else is choosing it or just because your parents or Sharma uncle or your relatives make you believe that “Isko krke bahut achchi job lagegi. Uske baad life set.” You are unique. You are not born to copy someone else, try to be someone else and be unhappy for the rest of your life cursing each and every day.

Well. It was heavy, but it was necessary to tell you this.Now, in Depression or in Excitement, don’t forget to explore other universities and other entrance examinations too. Don’t be afraid to appear in them. Fill the form, prepare for it and just give it! These are opportunities for those who could not score well. Weep or celebrate whatever you want to,  do today, but make sure when you wake up tomorrow, don’t forget to tell yourself, “This is not the end. I have other chances too.”

Most importantly, don’t envy others who scored more than you. If Sharma Ji comes with a box of sweets, smile and congratulate him (Lol. Don’t miss the sweets in envy 😉 ). You gave your best. feel satisfied with what you have done. Don’t start the blame game (oh please!).

Be the best version. I once again congratulate all of you. Most of you will become our juniors when you come to DU (we’ll give you secrets to pass, don’t worry!) and even if you don’t come to DU, I wish for you the best this world can offer. Have courage and be kind. Don’t be afraid.  Sometimes there will be failures and sometimes success. This is what life is, right? Promise to yourself, promise to your parents that you’ll be brave. You’ll give your hundred percent always. ( And yes, your relatives will trouble you for the next 2-3 days! Hahaha. Enjoy! Trust me, you’ll have a smile like I have today while remembering this all)


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