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Anatomy Of A College Going Girl’s Hand-Bag

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It wouldn’t be a surprise if I reach my hand in my handbag and enter a parallel universe. ‘Alice in the wonderland” feels.I feel threatened if my handbag is not with me the moment I step out of home. It makes me feel accompanied.So allow me to take you to this lady’s pal.

1.¬†Headphones-¬†We¬†don’t wish to be a weirdo staring at people while traveling and after certain time looking outside window is not that fun.Thanks to these precious to transport us to another world and make journey tranquil.

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2. Safety pins, scrunchies and Bobby pins- These​ three musketeers stay together all the time,you find them every time except the time you need them.At this time you are crying and begging to every girlfriend of yours and once you get them, the tiny packet is grinning back at you from utmost bottom of the bag.

3. Power bank: Our cellphones our best friend, we can’t expect them to suffer our stress everyday and survive post that too. It is extremely important for us to carry its aspirin a.k.a. power bank.

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4. Kaajal, liner and mascara: We are humans too. We get tired too. Its just that we choose to cover the droopy with few divine strokes of colossal.

5. Sunglasses: To give our days an X factor, these are must. For those sanguine selfies under scorching sun and that “my¬†life my¬†rules” look.

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6. Sanitary napkins: We need these saviours to avoid embarrassment of doing Chinese whispers asking for pads.Guys will never understand this.

7. Chocolate bars: To fight our period blues and to go pink with enthusiasm these are essential. To relieve ourselves from those stressful fights we need these.

8. Sanitizer: As Kenny Sebastian said “ladies you need sanitizer, you touch men”. Germ-free hands equals confidence.

9. Wet wipes:A tiring sweaty summer day calls for a mini spa. Wipes make sure to give us this satisfaction.

10. Hairbrush/comb: To tame those wild manes and to make them look flawless all day long.

11. Novel: Alternative to headphones. If not music, words too can transport you to another world.

12. Notebook: Our To-do list ,our scribbled notes, and our occasional drawings find place in these

13. Earings: A pair of formal one and other casual one. Our earrings speak for themselves.

14. Receipts: Receipts from your first to last visit to Domino’s, Pizza hut’s, Dunkin etc…

15. Deodorant: To freshen ourselves up. We can party after a bunch of college lectures too.

16. Lipstick: An emergency Lipstick will always be there in our bags, quick touch-up to ensure we look same all day long.

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