Anime Recommendations For Newbies

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Anime has a different visual style, usually follows story arcs, and can have adult themes (and vary wildly) making it more ‘edgy’. Combine it with it coming from a completely unique and foreign culture very different from our own society and it’s not hard to see why anime has an appeal for young people. Well, today, we‚Äôre here to help with a guide to some of the very best anime for beginners.

Cowboy Bebop (26 Episodes)

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Cowboy Bebop was the first show that brought me to tears. Just about every episode is a masterpiece when doing the things it did, weren’t done in Western Cartoons. It was adult without being trashy, it was deep without being pretentious. And the way they portrayed the near distant future as a place just as grimy and broken and beautiful as the world is today. It taught me that the good guys don’t always win. There are consequences to actions. You can’t go back and change anything, but you might find closure if you choose. See you space cowboy‚Ķ

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Steins Gate (24 Episodes)

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The reason Steins;Gate is so great, and why I personally consider it a masterpiece, is because to me it’s actually an amazing story supported by great characters. Okabe is a fantastic character and the comedy is absolute gold, while some of it is predictable the plot is largely well written, with some great developments coming at the very end. The time travel is also a hell of a lot better than most other things that implement it as far as internal logic and overall coherency go.

Elfen Lied (13 Episodes)

I enjoyed it for what it is. Are there plot holes? Sure. Are some characters’ actions completely inexplicable? Yes. Does the series use sex and violence for shock value? Undoubtedly. It’s not anywhere near a perfect series, but it does raise the volume on the “nature vs. nurture” question by creating a scenario where the price of ineffective child-rearing is death. In my view, that made completing the series worthwhile.

Samurai Champloo (26 Episodes)

Samurai Champloo has some of my favorite characters in anime. The two leads are so colorful and the stark contrasts between them only help to make them that much more unique. The plot is revolving around one certain thing most of the series, but it does have an episodic nature like Cowboy Bebop. And oh man, the soundtrack. It’s so good and it just flows with the fight scenes and art in general.

Code Geass (50 Episodes)

Code Geass is just a super entertaining rollercoaster of drama and action. It has an amazing story with engaging characters. Lelouch is easily one of the best protagonists anime has to offer with incredible depth of character and a comprehensive backstory. The unexpected twists and turns in the story are guaranteed to keep you engaged. The experience is further elevated by the excellent soundtrack as they are anything less than breathtaking.

Death Note (37 Episodes)

Death Note is an anime that really shows that anime can be used for dark or serious matters, and is not just Hentai and children’s cartoons. Death Note is beautiful because it shows you a mirror. It asks the questions: If you could change the world for the better, would you? AND … are you ‘perfect ‘ enough to make that call?

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