Anxiety Ridden During Exam Time

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Exams are on there way and so does the assignments. Every DU student must be wondering about the marks and especially they are busy completing and copying the assignments from their friends and fellow classmates.

Exam time can be a whirlwind of unpredictable emotions. During this time of year students are not only responsible for acing exams but also submitting major projects and assignments. Is it any wonder why so many of us are anxiety-ridden during this time?

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1. Jitna Pardho, Utna Kam РWe’ve all experienced this at one point or another, an overwhelming feeling of sickness befalls you. You sit there in disbelief, recounting each moment of your classes and bunked lectures, trying to decipher how you overlooked these concepts. Then you secretly cry to yourself and try to guess the answer.

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2. Main Aakhri Baar Kab Soya Tha РWith a full course load, exams, and final assignments conveniently scheduled at the same time, sleep can seem like a distant memory. Less sleep usually means more anxiety because the body isn’t fully rested and yet sleep in life!

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3. Kash Ek Din Aur Mil Jata РDo you ever get this feeling that an extra day would help you nail that exam or improve your assignments answers? It’s an universal feeling for all of us. And it creates a reassurance for many of us.

4. Agle Semester Starting Se Padhenge – I am sure everybody must have promised these fake promises to themselves, and then they must be back on their original track.

5. Jo Hoga Dekha Jaega РThe ultimate statement of everyone, wishing each other All the best! Because time spares no one and at the last moment we are helpless and praying to God saying ‘bas passing number aajaye’

But don’t worry, Everybody is on the same boat, struggling with assignments and preparing for exams and yet reciting the above mentioned points.

All the best for the coming exams!

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Ruwaidah Suhail
Ruwaidah Suhail a student at Daulat Ram College, University of Delhi. Known for following her ambitions. Giving words to her thoughts, she is a Writer at DU Express but, thats not giving you a lot of detail! So read her articles here.

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