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Artsy-Craftsy Weekend By Four Fine Arts Societies of DU

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To all the people who believe in creativity, madness & colours! There was an extraordinary Art workshop organized by the various talented Art Societies of Delhi University.

It was an artsy-craftsy weekend for Delhi as the students of Fine Arts Society, Delhi University organized a free art workshop at DLF Promenade, Vasant Kunj on 21st and 22nd July 2018.

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The societies produces something quirky,mesmerizing & super creative art work for the people,ABSOLUTELY FREE! The following societies took part in the event-

1. Adwitiya-The Fine Arts Society, Miranda House : Adwitiya,the Fine Arts Society of Miranda House stands to its name of being ‘unmatched’. Adwitiya nurtures personal interests by providing resources and workshops to its members.Adwitiya stands out in its approach to art using existing resources and making the best out of waste.The society utilizes discarded furniture, flex boards, and other waste to form art pieces. The same served as an inspiration to utilize bottle caps for the DLF Promenade Workshop.

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On 21 July 2018 they conducted an activity-Canvas Stencils & Painted Bottle Caps.

2. Abstractions-The Fine Arts Society,Hindu College :¬†Abstractions, the Fine Arts Society of Hindu College,has a history of over 25 years.It has venture to support various forms of art like painting, sketching, graffiti, calligraphy, etc. Through events like ‘Rangsrijan’ and ‘Canvas’, Abstractions has grown into a dynamic and energetic society.

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On 21 July 2018 they conducted an activity-Rock Photo holders & Jute Place Mats.

3. Hues-The Fine Arts Society of Gargi College : Hues, the Fine Arts Society of Gargi College, they are actively creating marvelous art pieces both for college events as well as its exhibitions. Hues have also envisage to go beyond the college boundaries and engage in activities like wall paintings, conducting art workshops for the poverty-stricken masses.

Hues are in fact one of the most sought-after Fine Arts society in the Delhi University circuit, winning laurels everywhere it has participated.

On 22 July 2018 they conducted an activity-Wool Tassels & Bookmarks.

4. Strokes-Fine Arts Society,SGTB Khalsa College : The Fine Arts Society of SGTB Khalsa college was found in 2012.It provides a platform to all the members to express their talents in the field of fine arts which otherwise would have remained hidden. There aim is to bring together people who have creative insight and want to explore what more can be done, how they can push their own limits.

The students of Miranda and Hindu college curated an art workshop on the Day one of the two-day festival. Not just kids, even grown ups participated in this art and craft session with equal enthusiasm.

The workshop started with students of Miranda House taking center stage and showcasing their art to the people. Painting bottle caps was among the most popular activities at the workshop.

Activities in the second half of the day were planned by students of Hindu College. They brought raw materials to make rock photo holders and jute place mats. These activities were simple and for all age groups. Both parents and kids sat and worked together, like a family activity. Plus, it was a free of cost.

Khalsa College students conducted a Workshop on how to make your own dreamcatchers this Sunday at DLF Promenade.

The event was a huge success and saw great enthusiasm right from small kids to adults.
It was great and an artistic start to an amazing year!

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