B.Voc At DU : How It Has An Edge Over Academic Courses

For years, Delhi University has been famous for traditional courses that provides variety of academic subjects in various streams. Both Honors and Program Based Courses have appropriate curriculum and syllabus but there is lack of practical learning and specialization in a particular field.

The need of practical learning and increasing demand for skill based training is shifting students’ desire to get admission in B.Voc. Courses offered by University Of Delhi.

What is B.Voc. Degree?

Bachelor Of Vocational Studies is full-time three year degree with ‘multiple entry and exit’. It means a student can leave the course at the end of first year and second year with a diploma degree and an advance diploma degree respectively. Those who complete the three year course will get a full-time degree.

DU currently offers B.Voc. in specializations such as Software Development, Retail Management & IT, Healthcare Management, Web Designing, Printing Technology, Banking Operations.

An Edge Over Academic Courses:-

  • The B.Voc. courses have 40% general education components and 60% skill education components.So,the students get to know the academics of the subject as well as the industry requirements and practical applications.
  • The syllabus and curriculum are designed considering the latest knowledge requirements at the industry level.
  • B.Voc. provides a judicious mix of skills relating to a profession and appropriate content of general education,so that students are work-ready at each exit point of the programme.
  • Students can come back to complete the course even if they leave after the first or second year. This gives students a lot of flexibility in case they want to take a break from studies and work.
  • Students get industrial training and opportunities to interact with experts from various well-known companies.

The Verdict:-

Students who want to pursue professional course along with the desire to study in Delhi University can opt Bachelor of Vocational Studies (B.Voc.) for their graduation.Students can choose the specialization according to their interest.Also,the practical knowledge and skills that is provided in the course will make them job ready.



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