Saturday, January 18, 2020
Reviews Movies Bala Movie Review : Ayushman Steals The Show

Bala Movie Review : Ayushman Steals The Show


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In life, physical appearance does not matter as much as your heart and soul do. No matter whether you are dark or fair, short or tall, it’s the beauty of your heart that makes you beautiful. The character of BALMUKUND aka BALA, played by one of the finest and talented actors, AYUSHMAN KHURANA in the movie BALA tries to convey this message to one and all.

BALA tries to explain how hair loss, like any other physical blemish, can have a detrimental effect on people’s lives. They become objects of mockery and often get bullied. The movie shows how the baldness of Bala makes it difficult for him to even find a good job and all he manages to get are cruel taunts. Such physical ”faults”, as some people may refer to them can cause serious damage to a man’s confidence and respect. For women, however, the situation can get worse owing to the patriarchal nature of our society. Women find it harder than men to live life with blemishes. However, the character Latika played by Bhumi Pendekar induces people to give up these stereotypes. She plays the role of a lawyer with dark skin but remains quite content with whatever she has been blessed with. Both of them show that no matter how many remedies you try to get rid of these faults unless you are happy with what you have been blessed with rather than cursing yourself, the world for you will never be a happy place.

This movie turns out to be a great combination of acting, storyline and direction, making it one of the best movies of the year so far.

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