If you used to travel by car and fond of shopping or visiting Connaught Place at the weekends then surely this news is going to effect you a lot.

Now the Connaught Place, so called heart of the Delhi,is going to be car free from the upcoming weekends of August.Yes, from August onwards,the entry of the car is going to be ban from Friday evening 4’o clock to Sunday every week and will reopen on Monday.


The initiative is going to be implemented in the two steps. Firstly, cars will be allowed to enter from the Janpath and park at the Palika Parking exiting through Baba Kharak Singh Marg. Next the cars will not be allowed to park in the middle zone.

This step will help in reducing the pollution and the resulting problems to some extent and also India is not the first country to take such type of step. The initiative for the pedestrian free areas had already been taken in some cities of Europe Asia as well as America. Even in India also, this is not for the first time that the Connaught Place is planned to be car free at the weekends. A few months ago, in February, it was planned to make Connaught Place car free.But because of the protests of the traders the step was taken back.

This time also, possibilities are there that the traders may go for protest.


Actually, the car entry is going  to be ban on the weekends and the weekends are the major peak days for the traders. So this step is ultimately going to reduce their sales. That’s why it is obvious that they may go on protest.

Well it has been decided that initially there will be trial and then if everything goes on smoothly then it will be implemented.

Arrangements will be made to improve the situation. Free park and ride services will be made available at the major areas like Palika. So if problems will be reduce and proper facilities will be made available then it will also not violate the trader’s interest.

A lot of challenges are there in the implementation. But if the challenges will be overcome then definitely it will prove to be a great step towards saving environment and reducing the traffic in the Connaught Place.


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