Tiktok Ban Has Been Removed But Still Unavailable in App Stores
Image Source-Engadget

Tiktok, the popular app mostly among youth for uploading short videos which was earlier banned for spreading the explicit content and unfurling child pornography has been thrusted again. The ban was issued by The Madaras High Court. As per the ban the app was removed from the app stores both on android and ios devices which literally didn’t affect to the existing users as only the new users were refrained from downloading the app. After the removal of the ban the users are still not able to download the app from the app stores.

As per the reports by Gadgets 360, an official ordinance has not been send by Madaras High Court to the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology to make the app available in the official app stores that is Google Play Store and Apple App Sore. Even if the app is installed through the Google Chrome, it displays an error downloading it. As per Madaras High Court the ban was initiated only in order to prevent the indulgence of children in cyber crime and explicit content in retaliation to which Tiktok has ensured to enhance the preventive safety measures as a “testament” to the commitment to its users in India. Also, India has been the largest market with its 120 million active users per month.


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