Be a MAN!

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Society is acme positioned in every human’s life. The rules it lays. The thoughts it has. The notion it sets. The standards it fixes. We, as unswerving individuals accept and follow it all. No counter questions. No aberrations. Nothing at all. And why this attitude? Because we are not the victims of the rules and standards it has set.

One such long-discussed issue is the standards of fake masculinity our society sets. The muscles. The facial hair. The apathetic heart. The eye should never shed a tear. And whatnot.

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It is suffocating to even enlist these points, I wonder how would it be to live with it. An ideal MAN according to these norms is just a stone statue, deadpan, impassive structure sitting in flesh and blood.

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A boy who cries. A husband who is worried about his wife’s pain. A father who shows his concern for his children. Believe me! All this is considered not so manly!

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The society basically wants to judge the manliness of a particular person by the flow of his emotions and how artfully he can abate them! It puts the pressure of not being alive, not being emotional, not being empathetic to offer them the laissez-passer to their manhood.

The ill-effects of the toxic masculinity standards on women has now been evident from ages. From eve-teasing to molestation to rapes. each step makes a man feel more manly. more dominant. more red blood.

Its high time we make them realize that real manliness lies in respecting your fellow humans not degrading them. The real manliness lies in being empathetic. Real manliness lies in portraying emotions not covering them.

Be a real man. Be a man. Be human.

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