Believe It,Its True : Five Best All Time Fools Day Pranks

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It’s first April and how can we forget about playing pranks on our friends. It’s not only us who love making fool of others but some really famous brands too. Here is the list of some April fool hoaxes pulled so successfully

1. OH! Spaghetti Tree – won’t it be good getting spaghetti from trees, that’s what Britons thought on April 1, 1957 when a three minute video hoax was seen by BBC’S current affairs show “Panoroma”. It was so good that a number of viewers contacted BBC asking for advice on how could they grow their own spaghetti tree. The video goes like “It isn’t in Britain that spring this year has taken everyone by surprise”…yes the spaghetti trees.

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2. No Gravity – on April 1, 1976 British Astronomers Patrick Moore announced during an morning show on BBC radio2 that at 9:47 AM {GMT+1} A RARE phenomena will happen where Pluto would pass behind Jupiter and this alignment of planets would lead to less gravity on Earth due to stronger tidal pull. He even said “jump now” on the show. This hoax lead people in believing it and calling the station saying that it worked. Some caller made so bizarre claims that one said that she and her husband had floated around the room, the other claiming to ascend up with her friends along with the table.

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3. Gesture that’s all …Gmail Motion – This prank video though posted on 30th March 2011, was gmail’s April fool day hoax in which the product manager tells the viewer about introduction of Gmail Motion and how by movements of body would help in emailing..”action into commands ….for example for opening a message make a motion like opening a envelop”

4. Fooled again and again – An article in Popular Electronics was about ‘Contra- Polar Energy” a energy that will cause electrical devices to produce the opposite effect of what they normally do, like an iron would go cold instead of being hot. This prank was so popular that they posted it in the years 1959 and 1963 , and some believed it then also.

5. Smell It !! On April, 1965 BBC again fooled people, the channel interviewed a professor who said to had developed a technology which allowed the transmission of smells over the airwaves and number of people fell to this prank and called the channel saying that they could smell coffee beans kept in the studio through their screens.

This prank was played again by none other than “HIKE messenger”¬† in 2016 where the app asked it user to send a smell and guess what it was a prank.

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Nishtha is a bibliophagist and is pursuing her graduation from Gargi College, DU. She is sentranced by "Anything's possible if you've got enough nerve". -J.K.Rowling, HP5

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