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Best Of 2017 : 10 Guinness World Records Made By Indians

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India never fails to surprise us. Let’s have a look.

1. Most coconut smashes with one hand in one minute

Best Of 2017 : 10 Guinness World Records Made By IndiansAbheesh P. Dominic broke open 122 coconuts to beat the previous record of 118 that had stood since 2011.At a speed of about 2 coconuts a second,Abheesh completed his mission on a long line of coconuts laid out a wall in the city of Kottayam, India.

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2. Most bird species in a Bird House

Best Of 2017 : 10 Guinness World Records Made By Indians

The Shukavana Bird Home in Mysuru, India has set a record for the most bird species. The one acre 50 Metro high free-flight birdhouse was set up by Dr. Sri Ganapathy Sachchidananda Swami ji. The house has around 2100 colorful birds, of 468 different species.

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3. Largest Sand Castle

Famous Indian Artist Sudarsan Pattnaik has built the Tallest Sandcastle ever on the beach of Puri, Odisha in India. The giant creation is about 14.84 meters tall and base had a circumference of 530 ft.

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4. Heaviest Vehicle pulled by the shoulder blades

Eighteen year old Teen Abhishek Choubey has set new world record after pulling a 1070 kg Car using just his shoulder blades.

5. Largest Tree Hug

In honor of International day of Forests, Jawahar Lal Nehru Tropical Botanic Garden and Research Institute in Thiruvananthapuram, India invited thousands of people to attend an event termed as ‘My Tree, My Life’. It sets a massive new record of 4620 people, smashing previous number of 1316 people.

6. Farthest distance limbo skating under Bars

Eight year Limbo Skating sensation Tilack Keisam has broken his own record for the farthest distance limbo skating under bars, after driving himself 145 meters beneath poles just 30 cm high.

7. Largest Margarine Sculpture

Chef Devwrat Anand Jatengaonkar sets a new record by making a sculpture out of Margarine. It measures 8 ft. 2 in long, 3ft.8 in wide and weighs 1506.800 kg.

8. World’s Largest Bharat Natyam Dance

4525 participants turned up on the grounds of Vels University in Chennai dresses in customary Red and White clothing setting a new world Record after spending months in learning the dance.

9. Most walnuts crushed by hands in one minute

Indian Martial Arts Master Prabhakar Reddy P, has crushed 212 walnuts, that is an astonishing more than 3 in a second.

10. Largest Cricket Ball Mosaic

For celebrating a reach of 20 million customers in the Gujarat Region, Vodafone created the World’s largest cricket ball mosaic using 8700 Red and White cricket balls.

We hope 2018 will be as great as 2017 for the upcoming potential Record Smashers!

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