Best Of 2017 : Our Picks For Best 8 Indian Slam Poets

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A lot of people tried their hands on Slam Poetry and we can’t be happier to have our new heroes. Thanks to this, we have Aranya Johar, Navaldeep Singh, Yahya Bootwala and many more. This is to celebrate them,we present you the best Indian Slam Poets of 2017.

ARANYA JOHAR (Famously called The Brown Girl)

Best Of 2017 : Our Picks For Best 8 Indian Slam Poets aranya johar

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With this viral video :¬†¬†A Brown Girl’s Guide to Beauty,Aranya Johar became a familiar name in the world of slam poetry across the globe.Her every word touched millions of hearts and she soon became the inspiration for many Indians and women worldwide.Now,she is a popular poet,an amazing speaker and a great person.


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Best Of 2017 : Our Picks For Best 8 Indian Slam Poets gaurav tripathi

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Who would have think of an idea of Lord Ram in Court¬†or Ghalib in Jail,¬†but here we have Gaurav Tripathi,who stands out of the league and doesn’t hesitate in trying something out of the box. His words have always echoed the message on some burning issues in our country.Apart from poetry,he also does comedy and singing.You can easily spot him on ScoopWhoop.


Best Of 2017 : Our Picks For Best 8 Indian Slam Poets hussain haidry

A Chartered Accountant by profession and a poet by heart, we all know Hussain Haidry and his masterpiece Hindustaani Musalmaan.His Urdu words seem so apt that we often get goosebumps when he recites any of his work.He has left his job to devote all his time to poetry.


Best Of 2017 : Our Picks For Best 8 Indian Slam Poets mohammad sadriwala

Taking poetry to a whole different level,this man i

n a white cap has his own style to tell stories. With Proud to be born in India,he marked his presence as one of the great slam poets. Now, he is a proud curator of “Ganjapan Express”,”Pyaare Baba”,”Zimmedari” and many others.


Best Of 2017 : Our Picks For Best 8 Indian Slam Poets navaldeep singh

Being Friendzoned never felt happy until he told us. This person is a gem. From making us smile listening to Happily Friend Zoned¬†to persuading us to think on listening “Tiranga”,he knows how to touch the right nerve. His poetries, with a different perspective, have a power to make us laugh,smile,cry,awe and angry.


Best Of 2017 : Our Picks For Best 8 Indian Slam Poets

A fierce and bold women,Priya Malik,reflects herself in poetries. Her work, Right To Pleasure ignited fire when it came online. Her way of reciting and her voice made it even more impactful.Though she has a great following,she has a good list of criticisers too.She was also one of the contestants on Big Boss in the past.


Best Of 2017 : Our Picks For Best 8 Indian Slam Poets simar singh

A man of great views and powerful words, Simar Singh. Breaking stereotypes, he talked about marital rape, patriarchy, religion and others. His work,The Legal Rapist explains what we often ignores, a crime which happens in many families everyday.With his work, he makes us ponder over the issues we usually neglect.


yahya bootwala
Image Source : Pep News

The cutest guy and the healer of broken hearts, here we present, Yahya Bootwala. We all remember listening to Shayad Wo Pyaar Nahi¬†and we can’t disagree to agree.It was something we feel connected to and in one way or other,it touched our soul.His other works are “Shehar”, “Cycle”, “Kya Koodna Zaroori Tha”.

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