Beware Against Delhi University’s ‘Well Dressed’ Mobile Thief

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In the last few days there have been a number of mobile theft cases in North Campus—all of the victims were left baffled when they lent their mobile phones to a woman in a car, who sped away with the phones.

imageWhile two such incidents have been reported from Mukherjee Nagar, two others happened in Maurice Nagar while the fifth incident was reported from Model Town. The thief struck again on Thursday morning outside SRCC and drove off with a student’s phone.

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With the latest incident being reported, the link between each case is the description of the suspect – a woman in her 20s driving a white Honda Brio on a couple of occasions. In all five cases, police said the woman — asked her prey if she could borrow their phone as she needed to make an urgent call. She cites an emergency such as dead battery or low balance and requests the victims for their phones to make a call before speeding up and fleeing.
She is a phone thief but her fraudulence is impossible to read – appears to be from a nice background, wears branded clothes with matching accessories, and speaks fluent English.
Though separate theft cases have been registered, but the officials say that the description and the mode of operation of the theft were too similar, so the cases will not be dealt individually.

With the criminals still at large, the Delhi Police on Thursday organized an awareness drive to warn students. Going a step further, Cops got dressed in plain clothes staged the same pattern of phone snatching as the thieves,drove off with students’ phones to teach them to be more careful.

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Source: Times Of India

Source: Times Of India

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Source: Times of India

The police said that those thieves  are very deceptive, they speak fluent English which makes it easier for them to dupe the students.

Aarti Sharma, SHO, Maurice Nagar, speaks to students travelling in rickshaws to warn them of the phone thieves.

So be careful because your mobile could be gone before you know it and spread the word!

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