Big Drop In Students Entering Engineering, Arts Courses


According to an official survey, the All India Survey on Higher Education (AISHE), which covers all the institutions in the country engaged in imparting the higher education, in a period of five years, the enrolment in Engineering and Arts courses has seen big fall. The enrolment has witnessed a drop of around 5 lakh students in various Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech) and Bachelor of Engineering (B.E) courses in higher education institutions across the country.

The B.Tech and B.E enrolment fell from 42,54,919 in 2014-15 academic year to 37,70,949 in 2018-19.The Arts enrolment fell from 98,60,520 to 91,98,205 in the same period.

The data regarding the drop in engineering admission being released the reports of more than 75 engineering and technical colleges across the country have opted for progressive closure in this academic year, which means, these institutions will not take fresh admissions from this year.

For 2018-19 academic year, total enrolment in higher education has been estimated 37.4 million (37399388) with 19.2 million male and 18.2 million female. Female constitute 48.6% of the total enrolment, AISHE 2018-19 stated.

B.Tech. has 21.25 lakh enrolled students. Bachelor of Engineering (B.E.) has 16.45 lakh students enrolled.The total number of students enrolled in Arts courses is 93.49 lakh.

Maximum numbers of Students are enrolled in B.A. programme followed by B.Sc. and B.Com. programmes.

10 Programmes out of approximately 187 cover 80.3% of the total students enrolled in higher education.At Undergraduate level the highest number (35.9%) of students are enrolled in Arts/ Humanities/Social Sciences courses followed by Science (16.5%), Engineering and Technology (13.5%) and Commerce (14.1%).


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