Bigg Boss : An Entertaining Reality Show?

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BIGG BOSS-the reality show that has been a talk about between the people of the country from its beginning, whether in support of the show or for its controversies. It is a television reality show broadcasted in India on Colors channel. The show is inspired by the format of BIG BROTHER, which was broadcasted in Netherlands. Within the span of 10 years of its telecast it has brought 9 successful seasons with 10th season on-going and is on the verge of its ending. Thus, Bigg Boss has established itself as one of the most popular reality TV series.

bigg boss the popular reality tv show

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The concept of the whole show is that a number of contestants commonly known as “Housemates” live in a fully furnished and modern house with all the amenities except just one or two bedrooms with single beds in a row and four toilet bathrooms. Also there is a kitchen, a garden, a pool, a smoking area, a bathroom area, an activity room and gym area. Also there is a confession room if the housemates wants to talk to Bigg Boss and vice-versa, also the room is used for nomination process, so basically every amenity that they might need but it is completely isolated from the outside world for about the span of 3-4 months and every week they nominate each other and the nominated people face eviction at the end of the week, which is decided by the audience’s vote, and the house is governed by a complete mysterious person known as “Bigg Boss”, whose only presence is felt by his manly heavy voice. Though the house does not have a TV connection, no telephones, no pen, no paper, no mobile phones or any other kind of entertainment amenity that they might have enjoyed outside. For all the 9 season’s celebrities were allowed to participate in the show but in the 10th season the show’s gates opened to common people as well. There are certain RULES as well that have to be followed, though all the rules are not known but some are clearly shown as the housemates follow the idiom of “rules are meant to be broken”

  • ¬†The housemates cannot talk in any other language other than Hindi and also they cannot talk when they are not wearing their mic.
  • The housemates cannot hurt each other physically, fight is only allowed through words of mouth.
  • They are not allowed to break or tamper any furniture or electronic item.
    They cannot leave the house until unless permitted to them.
  • There should be a captain of the house to maintain discipline in the house which has to be earned by a task and as being captain you are immune from nomination for a week and other special privileges.
  • They cannot discuss about nominations to any one, also a person could be nominated for other reasons as well like for breaking rules or being nominated by the captain. If something happens beyond the limit, contestant may get directly evicted as well.
  • The show also gives a psychological insight about human beings and their behaviour in certain situations.
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    It shows the mirror to people and if watched closely some similarities of personality traits could be found like if we were given the same situation we would also react in a certain way a housemate reacted. Some people say that the show is scripted to gain TRP, yes the one hour that is shown on TV are some footage combined together that increases the TRP but the rest is reality. Imagine you are closed in a house with around 15 people without anything like mobile phone or television or magazine etc. and all fighting or playing a game to win, and different activities are given to you that you have to do with no choice, wouldn’t you behave the same? And also I pose an interesting question for the people who watch bigg boss who do you think is deserving to win?                                           

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