Black Mirror : An Unsettling Masterpiece

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The Netflix original, Black Mirror, is a series that has no predecessor. It portrays the idea of how technology can mess with our lives big time. Through a new premise for each episode, the show slowly pricks your conscience and leaves you speechless. It gives you an intriguing insight into the world that’s dictated by “advanced technology”.  The series is addictive and will certainly arouse a million excited neurons inside your head.  It’s not just about technology, oh no, it runs deep. It taps the complex subtleties involved in an individual’s lifetime. Through its three seasons, it brings home various layers and dimensions of human behavior juxtaposed with the threats of technology. Even though, some of the technology might feel a little far-fetched, it’s not entirely unattainable.  If the technology brought to life in Black Mirror isn’t here, it’s just a matter of some time before we can see it all happening. Charlie Brooker’s Black Mirror will leave you numb from its exceptional overdose of smart dialogues, subtle conscience awakening, mind charging plot, and outstanding performances.  Even though, it’s on screen, the level of reliability to the character is lingering.


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The fact that this series has not garnered mainstream appreciation, surprises me to no extend. It’s a marvelously written series that doesn’t fail to capture your attention. It brings to light intricacies of existence of human sentiments imperceptibly wrapped in the theme of dangers of the ever peaking technology. It picks up your regular day-to-day reactions and puts it in front of you. Charlie Brooker’s Black Mirror will leave you thinking. In the end of every episode, you’ll be left gaping at the screen when it turns black. It’ll force you to ponder over the refined satire hidden beneath the fabulously written plot.

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Obviously, this review is biased, because it comes from a mesmerized fan. But I can guarantee you that your head is in for an enthralling ride when you decide to click on Black Mirror. It’s a treat for the brain cells and a delight for the eyes. In all, this series is bound to take you in the woods with trees of deep human thoughts and a firm ground of technology that binds the roots.


It‚Äôs a brilliantly written show that will undeniably leave a mark on the remotest cell of your body. Oh yes, one more thing, if it failed to come out, it‚Äôs a must watch. I mean seriously, DO WATCH IT during your semester break 🙂

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